Vktech ® 5IN1 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Cocktail Straight : S/S straws

You dont taste the metal either because its stainless steel. Brush cleans the straws well too.

Have arrived today and really look good. Bought to use when buying a can of pop to drink and this will be nicer to use rather than straight from the can which will have been handled by several persons probably. It will be simple to keep one in a plastic bag in my handbag.

Brilliant things wish id got them a long time ago.

I love my stainless steel straws – i literally use them for everything i drink. Smoothies, water, iced tea and homemade juices. I have sensitive teeth and always have used plastic straws, but these are so much better, and kinder to the environment. I will warn that they need to be thoroughly washed a few times before use, as even after washing they maintain a metallic taste to begin with. Don’t worry though, it goes away. I’m definitely going to buy some more. I take mine to work and they never fail to get compliments or spark a conversation.

  • The cleaning brushes that came with the straws seemed to be quite good as well
  • Just as described
  • S/S straws

Vktech® 5IN1 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Cocktail Straight with Brush Set

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • There is no sharp edges on the ends.you don’t like using plastics but you have to use a straw to drink because of the sensitivity of your teeth, you must have this one
  • A small cleaning brush is also included for cleaning inside the straw if necessary.Just run some soapy water through the straw, and then a small scrub with the brush and they are ready for the next use. The brush also is great for cleaning sports bottle and thermos straws
  • Straws always give you happy childhood memories and these don’t have a negative impact on the enviornment No bpa worries and can be sterilized if needed

Heavy stainless steel straws not the flimsy rusting kind.

Purchased as a gift for a friend, but the straws seemed quite solid and decent quality. The cleaning brushes that came with the straws seemed to be quite good as well.