Vintage Home 2 Litre Enamelware Coffee Pot – Coffee pot

I expected this to have a removable basket in it to remove when the coffee has brewed, it doesn’t. As it stands i have to make two lots in a large caffetiere and then transfer the brewed coffee into the pot to keep warm on the hob. For all that is is an attractive item with classic good looks and holds a lot of coffee. It provides us with hot fresh coffee all day, be warned though, the handle gets exceedingly hot.

Just had this delivered its a good looking pot however care will need to be taken with its use as the lid is very loose and the colour is more yellow than it shows in the picture. The colour inside the pot is the same colour as the picture. Overall a little disappointing, but cant be bothered to send it back for the price.

This is a lovely looking pot. I originally bought it for camping. It is too large for just 2 people. However as my kitchen cupboards are buttermilk this pot looked lovely on display. It is useful as well as ornamental. I would have given it five stars only for the fact it did not suit my original purpose. I will purchase a few more of these kitchenware items in the future. Here are the specifications for the Vintage Home 2 Litre Enamelware Coffee Pot:

  • Buttermilk enamelware 2 litre Coffee Pot in a retro design (Measures 26cm high x 12 cm diameter)
  • Perfect for serving coffee, or making coffee the old fashioned way, as well as display
  • Made from high quality steel with a vintage enamelled finish
  • Suitable for any type of stove top or hob, including induction
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

This vintage coffee pot is fantastic on my stove the only thing is it come all chipped around top on the side and its very noticeable but i always wanted one of these brews a lovely coffee to how you like it and coffee beans brewing makes the house smell so nice so i am going to live with it as it was the last cream one in stock.

I haven’t used it yet, but do know it works on an induction hob. It also looks good on the kitchen shelf.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This vintage coffee pot is fantastic on my stove the only thing is it come
  • Vintage coffee/tea pot
  • Five Stars

Looks very good and the girlfriend loves it.

Over the moon makes great coffee.

The lid has no lip on it so the lid falls off. Not good when the pot is full of hot coffee and it leaks it looks good however i did not purchase this to look at .

I work from home and wanted something to make ‘real’ coffee in. I have a coffee machine but there’s all the messing about with filters, plus cleaning fiddly bits which i can do without. I also have a cafetiere, less cleaning but by the time i’ve drunk my first cup of coffee the rest is cold. So i looked at alternatives and saw this coffee pot. I thoroughly read the reviews of others (many thanks to those reviewers) and settled on this pot since it had a good volume as well as good reviews. My initial concern was with the need to filter the coffee but i simply haven’t had much of a problem with that. Once i’ve left the pot to brew for a while (and stirred a couple of times) the grounds seem to have mostly sunk to the bottom. Towards the end i tend to use an old tea strainer i found lying about, but mostly i just pour straight from the pot. I have a ceramic hob which i set to just above the lowest setting and that keeps the coffee perfectly without boiling it.

This coffee pot ticks all the boxes and it’s only fault is that the handle gets too hot when left on the stove but apart from that it’s a good buy, strong and practical.

This coffee pot is what it is meant to be – easy on the eyewith all these enamel pots i automatically give the handle a winding of string as protection against heat so i can’t say how hot the handle gets – and that really is the only problem with this kind of pot. The only other problem with them sometimes, is that the plastic filter is too big to fit on top of the pot. This one is big and doesn’t taper towards the top so the filter sits easily on itwhen i made coffee in it it stayed in the pot and didn’t leak out which is as much as one can ask reallyno hesitatyion in recommending this pot.

Loverly cooffe pot at a good price.

8 cups and stays hot for ages.

It is as described but very basic.

I now have the set: coffee pot and two cups and a milk pan. Really is beautiful country cream colour.

Good product bought turkish coffee pot too.

Yellower than the illustration.

Love this pot but the lid came chipped in two places. Takes the good look off it but doesn’t affect the coffee.