UruShop Large Ceramic Mate Cup to drink Yerba Mate – Makes a lovely vase for wild flowers.

I use it for my green tea otherwise it is great.

Beautiful and large, for those who can spend the whole day drinking mate.

After having a gourd mate cup go mouldy on me after just one week, i searched for a mug that would be a lot more user friendly. Ceramic mug is glazed shiny black inside and matte brown outside. Because it is glazed, it doesn’t need to be cured, and won’t go bad on you. It’s a good weight and size in your hand. Shape works well for maté making/drinking. Here are the specifications for the UruShop Large Ceramic Mate Cup to drink Yerba Mate:

  • Ceramic cup to drink Yerba Mate
  • Looks like a natural gourd!
  • Ideal replacement to a natural gourd if you find it acidic
  • Large in size
  • Yerba mate is a healthy, South American herbal tea

Good for long sessions and large mate drinking circles.

This is an interesting cup that i bought to try yerba mate. The natural gourd cups need a lot of preparation, but this can be used straight away. Unfortunately i really didn’t like the yerba mate and the brewing process is laborious. The finished result is bitter and nasty tasting, so i use the cup as a very efficient vase for wild flowers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I like it, love it is a stretch for most
  • Great starter maté mug
  • love it. very good size if you are the

I like it, love it is a stretch for most material things. I thought it was a little rough when i first took it from its box – i’m used to it now. I do like it, it’s different and a nice change from using a cup or a mug.

Love the shape, unfortunately don’t like the unglazed, gritty feel of the exterior, so it’s going to be an ornament.

This is a really beautiful item of pottery. Whst more an i say for goodness sake?.

The bad news: if your putting boiling water in this it does get very hot, so that you can’t lift it or hold it for long periods. Although the good news is if the container is that hot you probably shouldn’t be drinking it at that temperature anyway, so i’ve found it to be a great indicator of when my mate is ready to drink. Well constructed, sits in hand well, looks reasonable too.

I’d recommend it as opposed to the traditional wooden style. Cleaner and no bitter taste. Great way to quit smoking drinking mate.

Very good size if you are the only mate drinker in a house. You do not need to refill too many times.

I love the material this is cup made of. It’s easy to clean and it gives a warm feel in your hands when you drink your yerba.