Tquens Kitchen Scales : it felt like time to get a new set

Small and compacted accurate reading. Multi measurements are great bonus. It has tare option too so all can be measured in one bowl 😊.

It was a gift for someone really can’t go wrong. I seen the same kind of scales in other stores for more expensive, also super fast delivery was perfect gift.

The quality of materials and construction is very good. Mainly plastic bit the “silver” bit is metal. Easy to keep clean and simple to use. Digital display clear and easy to understand. What more can you say about a set of kitchen scales.

Smaller than expected but does the job.

  • Works fine cheaper then other stores
  • A must essential for the kitchen
  • Great for kitchens

Kitchen Scales, Tquens® [Premium] [Digital] Multifunction Kitchen Scale Food Scale With LCD Display & Tare Function, 11lb (5kg) Capacity [oz / lb / g / ml] – E502 (000SC20689)

  • 2 x AAA Batteries included
  • Four units [oz / lb / g / ml] available via “Unit” button for access to measurement of your preference
  • Max capacity of 11 lbs [5 kg] with graduation of 0.05 oz [1 gram]
  • Tare button functionality enables measurement using a container (Ex: Measure liquid by placing the container first (Empty), press tare button, then pour the liquid into the container to measure the mass/volume of liquid)
  • Enlarged LCD display for easy reading / Enlarged weighing platform for easy measure

We have had our set of kitchen scales for almost 7 years, and they were my grandma’s before us. Because they were quite old and the measuring line got stuck sometimes when readjusting it to zero, it felt like time to get a new set. We saw this set and thought we would give it a go. When it was delivered in the post, i wasn’t sure if it was it or not (because i had other things arriving), as it was small and thin, but it was it, which is actually a real plus for the product as it means it is a lot easier to store in the modern kitchen which seem to be getting smaller especially with all of the different gadgets you can get now. It comes also in a nice sleek box. And when you open it the scales look nice and sleek as well. The scales run on two aaa batteries (which makes a pleasant change as everything seems to be running of usb these days), and what is really good that the batteries are provided, which means no hunting around for some to start using it, or waiting till you go to the shops to get some. Using the scales couldn’t be easier. You turn it on, then you put the thing you are weighing onto it, press the same button again and it zeros the count. And if you are weighing multiple items, press the same button again, which will just zero the count and you can weight again (it says that there is a 5kg limit, but i haven’t reached it yet).

Very pleased with the performance of this item and how accurate they weigh. I believe they are great value for money.

Very simple to use and with the small size will fit nicely on the kitchen side or in a draw. I got them whilst on offer so for an excellent price but would happily pay full price for the item.

Is a small scale but works for dinner plays and jars. We use it for food and measuring herbs for tinctures and salves. It actually took me a while to start using it because i was intimidated.

Amazing value for what are brilliant electric scales. These scales arrived promptly using amazon prime and came in a neat package that made the item arrive without damage. I have seen other reviews being critical for its plastic appearance and feel. I have now been using thee scales in the kitchen for several weeks and for value i can not critique the appearance. They appear very accurate and wipe clean without a problem. I am really amazed and happy with the ability to zeroise after putting a vessel onto it or after having weighted something already. . For the price i can’t recommend these scales to you.

I am pleased with these scales. Theye are small & easy to store & the display is much easier to read that my old ones. These seem fairly well made for the price & come complete with 2 aaa bateries which are easy to replace when they run down. They weigh things in pounds & ounces or gramms etc which is very useful when you are cooking & following a recipe. I checked the accuracy of these scales & they are correct so no worries there (they are about 1g out if anything at all). I have found that these are easy to clean & you can weigh ingredients etc using your own bowl or plate. There is also a tare function which might come in handy. I would recommend these & they have already been very useful for me.

As described and work perfectly. Lightweight and easy to store.

Nice kitchen scales with clear display, large weighing area which measures as accurately as my old ones did prior to breaking. Looks slightly plastically so i am not sure how long they will last but all in all they do what they are designed to.

Lovely little compact machine.


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