Tescoma Tea Ball Infuser, Almost perfect for my needs.

I use it quite regularly and very pleased with it. Good value for money if you need a simple infuser for everyday use.

Loved the idea of the tea caddy instead of tea bags, but the item looked cheap and nasty so returned it.

It seemed almost a shame to use this as it’s so beautiful but it does the job it claims to do.

Key specs for Tescoma Tea Ball Infuser with Caddy Presto:

  • Excellent for easy tea making
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 3-year warranty
  • H5cm x W4cm

Comments from buyers

“Good for single-portion herb teas, Perfect for herbs & spices, It makes a good brew.”

This tea infuser works well and has an extremely useful little caddy which stops you getting your bench all messy when you are not using it.

I just got mine today and have already used it. I love trying different types of teas and i use to have to get the bodum out for myself every time i wanted a cuppa from the array of tea leaves i have stored in my kitchen cupboard but today, i used my tea ball infuser and i put enough tea leaves in there for two cups so i’m on my second right now. That’s when the caddy works well too because i can leave it on my desk while i’m working and sipping away and there is no mess. Yes, there are bits or remnants that settle at the bottom of the mug but with these special teas, it’s inevitable. I get that even with a strainer. When i want to drink english blends, i use my teapot and teabags.

Works okay, but is it supposed to have something on the end of the chain so that it doesn’t fall in the mug?. I put a bull dog clip on mine.

Arrived very promptly and does what tea infusers do – they infuse tea – although why snr management couldn’t use a tea bag, i’ll never know.

Other tea infusers, the ones with the spring loaded handle and the mesh bowl, go well in a mug but not in the teapot as you have to leave the teapot lid off and they are the devil to clean out. This egg shaped infuser goes well in the teapot because the chain is trapped by the lid and it comes apart very easily allowing you to clean it out with your fingers before rinsing it under the tap. It’s about the size of a cadburys creme egg. It comes with a little bowl to stand the infuser on when you take it out of the teapot. I use it with white tea as the leaves are bigger and they do not come out of the infuser when it is in the teapot. I have since moved up to a london pottery 4 cup filter teapot, as it makes more tea and comes with its own easily washable filter.

Lovely little egg sized tea infuser – extremely good idea.

We bought this to allow us to add brown pepper and star anise to some chinese dishes without ending up with a mouthful of bit when eating.

Top quality, only gripe being: i wish that the top joined the bottom, via a proper thread. Otherwise, just what i needed.

Tescoma tea ball infuser with caddy presto – product is really great, arrived quite quick, highly recommended.

It was fiddly to use at first, but once you get used to it its great. Very handy if you want to make one cup of tea.

Can be hard to clean but then so can a teapot. Writing this as i cannot just write what i want as amazon dictates it must be an essay.

Good value for money, does the job. Sometimes the tea does come through the whole a little, but that is expected.

It’s a small ball for teawhat more can i say?let’s the water infusekeeps leaves out of the waycomes packaged nicelywith a cup to catch drips,it’s simple, it’s neat,and it quite promptly ships.

I grow many herbs in my garden – lemonbalm, garden mint, black peppermint etc – and make herb teas/infusions. The ball is a neat way of doing this. I’ve had an infuser ball for many years but lost it, and bought this as a replacement. The caddy is really useful for when i pull the ball out of the mug or pot. I wish the ball was slightly larger though, so i could fill it with more crushed herbs. It holds just enough crushed dried herbs to make one mug, not enough to make a pot. So i can’t use it for serving herb tea to guests.

Does what it is designed to do but it isn’t perfect.

Obvious for preparing tea but have you thought to put your spices into it?. If you use cloves, uniperberries, bay leaves etc, don’t be without.

Its a cheaper type bought for occasional use and it does the job perfectly. I would not recomend it for people with handling difficulties as it can be a bit fiddly.

Its not terrible but those leaves, they escape more than i would like from a product of this price. I use it every day and its okay.