Tescoma Sugar Shaker Classic – Sugar shaker

Bought for mother-in-law as she hates the waste of flour when dusting the rolling out board when doing scones etc. It has proved invaluable to her.

Does what it says on the tin.

Excellent purchase, really pleased just what i wanted. Here are the specifications for the Tescoma Sugar Shaker Classic:

  • Excellent for domestic use and public catering alike
  • Made of high grade stainless steel and resistant glass
  • H11cm

Good sugar sprinkler good for my diabetic sugar.

Item is a bit larger than i envisaged and the holes are quite large so sugar pours out a bit too freely.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not like Mum’s
  • Brilliant!!
  • Good price

Delighted with this, it’s just right for making my cinnamon toast.

This is a very good sugar shaker. Have only given four stars because even with cling film over the lid the sugar got damp and i have had to loosen it with a spoon before using the shaker for the second time. However this is normal for sugar shakers. Other than this problem it is a very useful sugar jar.

Excellent sugar shaker – just right size and replaced an old much loved one which fell out of cupboard.

It’s a fairly good quality product for the price.

Just what we wanted for sugar ,holes are large enough. Quality and looks are very good and the shaker is highly recommended.

Very efficient, a good replacement for a very old one thank you.

Perfect for what i what i want it for very retro very good quality.

My mother had a sugar shaker all my life and i have had it all the years she hasn’t been with us. It held the old 2lb bag of sugar, so when we went metric, there was a little left in the bag-no big problem. Recently, i was trying to get something from the cupboard, without removing lots of items and the sugar shaker tipped off the shelf, into and out of my arms, onto the kitchen floor. My heart sank, as it shattered into myriad pieces.I trawled the internet, only finding the pourers that you find in cafés, until; bingo. Ignoring the capacity shown on the description, i opened the package, hoping for an identical replacement, only to find a smaller box, inside which, was an even smaller shaker. Oh well, unless you are a chef, you only sprinkle small amounts at a time anyway and the rest can be kept in an airtight container. One tip for the reviewer complaining of the sugar getting damp and going lumpy: when i was young, my mother showed me an old-fashioned gadget, called a spoon handle. You pound it into the lumps and hey presto, they are granules again.

I use it as a spice shaker and it works fine. The cap has to be covered in cling film to keep the air out.

Arrived quickly and easy to use.

(‘scuse the pun) just the job. Going to be perfect for dusting welshcakes. Easy to use because of the shape too.

This shakes out granulated sugar as well as the caster sugar.

Exactly what i was looking for to shake my cinnamon and sugar onto my pancakes.

Use sugar shaker most days pleased with purchase.

Perfect little sugar shaker for sprinkling on porridge and on top of pies for baking.