TeaCakes of Yorkshire Perfect Cup of Tea Measuring Spoon 18/10 Stainless Steel Scoop Free UK Delivery : Impressed

Bought two of these for my tea caddies. Good quality and perfect spoonful for a pot of tea.

The view from the bridge looked grey and ominous this morning, so with a storm brewing and our general election looming i put t’ kettle on, ready for a stiff think. Suddenly, through my letterbox dropped a package containing – no, not a bomb, but my cast in steel perfect cup of tea spoon. Just in time because the water had reached boiling point and the whistle was shrieking furiously. Made a brew, checked the news – andy murray through to the last 8 in paris (no dark clouds there, but i’m told the sun always shines on tv). 1 mint had righted some rongs. Or did he wright some wrongs?. Or perhaps even wight some wongs?. That’s the trouble with being an isle, we do tend to become rather insular. It’s not strictly ah faux though – the principal confiscated the pen and left us hunting high and low for a writing solution. Or was it a righting solution?. Perhaps just a whiting solution…so, i looked in the fridge to see if there was anything nice left. It’s been such a sickly sticky bun sort of a day, i felt sure we had some honey due. It was then that i had my pen-ultimate a ha moment.

Perfect Cup of Tea Measuring Spoon 18/10 Stainless Steel Scoop Free UK Delivery

  • 1 Perfect Cup of Tea Measure
  • Ideal gift for any tea lover
  • Perfect fit to store in our Airseal Caddy
  • Quality Polished Stainless Steel 18/10
  • Net Weight 29.3 grams 12.7cm

Measuring spoon has a nice weight to it and accurately measures tea/coffee.

This measuring scoop is a great quality, lovely weight. Not flimsy like some i’ve seen. Very pleased with the purchase and will be buying more from this seller.

Exactly what i wantedgood quality item in minimal packaging and quickly received.

Perfect Cup of Tea Measuring Spoon 18/10 Stainless Steel Scoop Free UK Delivery : Can’t get proper tea measuring spoons these days. This is good and stays shiny and bright.

Great little measuring spoon.

Perfect for measuring tea for the pot. Looks good and is of good quality.

Really nicely made and works really well. A level scoop per person works jjust right for loose-leaf black tea.

Spoon arrived well packaged and on time as expected. It’s the perfect size, is sturdy and very functional. It’s made my tea so much better since i started using this rather than a using a teaspoon.

This is quite a weighty spoon with a nice bright stainless finish (no markings to that effect).

Fantastic quality and cold not do with out one.

A good quality tea caddy spoon with a handle long enough to find easily. No need to dig about in the tea leaves to find it.

Stylish, simple, timeless and of high quality.

I’m not wasting tea and that’s great.

At last a really good measuring tool for a cup of tea.

As it says just one spoon for one cup lovely.