Tassimo T40 Multi Drinks Machine by Bosch – – Five Stars

The bosch tassimo machine is a bit of an indulgence. However, the coffee is very good. Its extremely easy to set up and use with minimal controls – one button operation really. It comes complete with a drip tray, which you might need to remove for a standard mug as it can lead to overflowing. The discs can be quite expensive with the average price per cup somewhere around the 40-50 pence price. Some choices are cheaper and there is a good choice including kenco, costa, suchard and more. You also get £20 off your order online through their website, however this is a one-off and you can easily buy the discs in the supermarkets. I am not a huge drinker of coffee (one a day at home with the occasional one in a coffee shop). So for me this works, its not too expensive as i don’t drink too much and works as a very easy to use coffee maker. I have tried the costa discs and can say that they are not as good as in the coffee shop but are better than most homemade coffee.

Quick delivery, will not be without one.

Uses a good variety of coffees and teas.

  • Four Stars
  • Five Stars

Tasty, delicious and luxurious hot drinks can be made with this machine. It is very easy to use and there is no mess or washing up required (apart from the cup). It is an absolute indulgence. Have yet to try all flavours of drinks but have thoroughly enjoyed the ones i have made. To make sure my drink remains hot i always warm my cup up first.

This is a really good coffee maker, i use it all the time. If you need to get more information on how to use it there’s plenty of videos on u tube. It was well packed when it arrived. Would recommend this product.

Features of Tassimo T40 Multi Drinks Machine by Bosch – Silver

  • Coffee options: espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, latte macchiato.
  • Power output 1300 watts.
  • 3.3 bar pump pressure.
  • Water capacity 2 litres.
  • Water level gauge.

Makes good coffee if you use correct pods.

The best thing i have ever purchased, dose what it says, makes brilliant latte, drinks are really hot, so easy and quick to use, would recommend.

My 9year old son loves this machine. I don’t because of the price and taste of e cartridges. I only thought about looking into this afterwards. You need to use 2for a decent size drink. The items are not dry tasty. About e same as a vending machine quality. Haven’t used it for about 2 months now the novelty has worn off.

I very rarely give five star reviews, simply because nothing is ever perfect. However, this machine comes pretty close to it. I have had coffee machines before, which did not give a full cup and an output lukewarm at best. The tassimo does not suffer with either of these issues. It gives a decent amount and at piping hot temperature. I love how easy it is to set up and use, literally just fill the water reservoir up, pop a disc in and press the button. Seconds later you have a perfectly brewed cup. It doesn’t just do coffee either. Teas and hot chocolates are also available. The machine comes with a £20 voucher to use at tassimo’s website and that is enough to keep you going for a pretty good while, especially if you choose ‘normal’ beverages which do not need a second milk pod (i.

This makes lovely,hot coffee etc,have bought several.

Couldnt live without this thank you.

Has a large water capacity which helps,.

Excellent present for my daughter she loves it.