Tassimo Braun Cleaning Disc : Great

What can i say it’s a cleaning disc and does the job. They want me to type loads more about it.

Still using our tassimo and everyone loves the drinks. Keeping it clean is important and this product helps do that.

Braun Tassimo Cleaning Disc

  • Cleaning Disc
  • /Tassimo pads
  • To operate von Tass Iomo machines benötigt
  • Suitable for the row: TAS4X, TAS6X, TAS8X and TAS2X

I didn’t have the original cleaning disc with my machine so looked for a replacement. This seemed to have good reviews and it came within a couple of days of ordering it. I have tried it out, and the cleaning programme worked perfectly. Would recommend this disc as a replacement.

I bought my first tassimo on ebay and when it came it didn’t have the cleaning disc so was very relieved to be able to order this.

Cleans great but they are just a bit expensive for what they are and do, don’t lose the original one and save your money.

Braun Tassimo Cleaning Disc :

I expect most people with a tassimo machine will end up replacing this item at some time or otherit does the job, but i do think that it is rather expensive for what it is.

Not for me but was told it was a good product.

This product does the job it is supposed to do it keeps my machine clean and i would recomend it.

Handy little disc to have if you want your machine to stay clean.

Got this for my nan’s coffee machine as it wasn’t provided in the box and braun didn’t want send one out.

It’s a bit of plastic, expensive for what it is but it does what is required.

I am delighted with this item.

Given how much we use our tassimo machine i actually ordered this ‘just in case’. But we’ve tested it and it works just fine, as good as the original. If you’ve lost your original or like me, don’t fancy being coffee-less for a few days if you do, then this is what you need.

I wasn’t sure about this as it said bosch on the packaging and my machine is an old braun one but it worked fine for me.

I lost my original cleaning disc found this at a good price now i have a nice clean machine well happy.

Could i find my original cleaning disk?. No?so thansk to these guys i can use my tassimo again. It works and delivery is quick.

The replacement disc is just that and it works perfectly in the tassimo machine. It is yellow, round and plastic.

Our tassimo is probably more than 5 years old and we lost our cleaning disc so bought this to replace it.