Stellar Glass Kettle – Attractive but.

It is well made & works perfectly. It is a fast boiler & looks great. Was more expensive than the competition but well worth the money.

Lovely kettle, just what i wanted.

Feels a bit cheap and quite slow to boil, otherwise ok.

  • Quality kettle
  • At first I thought it an excellent piece of kit but having second thoughts due to it tripping g the electricity
  • Stellar Glass Kettle

Excellent service, kettle delivered next day as promised. Very pleased with the stellar glass kettle – looks good, boils quickly, easy to use and pour.

Excellent good quality kettle in every way and the customer service from stellar was really very good. It did not make the water taste of plastic. However, you definitely can’t remove the filter. Unless you force the mechanism apart and risk damaging the whole thing.

Features of Stellar Glass Kettle, 1.7 Litre, 3000 W, Silver

  • Crystal clear, durable German Schott Duran glass body, with handy measuring guides
  • Energy efficient – only boil the water you need, 1 and 2 cup boil feature
  • Kettle rotates on 360° on base, full cordless and suitable for right and left handed use

Looks great and good quality.

Efficient and very attractive.

Nice kettle, i’d buy another ;).

Great item does the job definitely recommend it.

I got this as a wedding gift for my sister in law and her new husband. The kettle shipped immeadiatly and arrived well ahead of the date promised, which completely addressed my worry about it not making it there on time. This is a super cool item–elegant and stylish. I would definitely recommend it as a gift (or for personal use) and highly recommend the seller.

Previous make of kettle had to be sent back eventually as could not get rid of plastic smell when boiling it. Worth spending the extra for this stellar. It’s well built, and looks great too. Not a make i had thought of before, but would definitely recommend them.

Started to fail after two years.

I did not buy this from amazon, & it was ‘reduced’ from £100. You can get cheaper, but i thought a german make would be robust. It is a good solid kettle & being glass sealed from the element, no furring up at seams & causing leaks. I have not the problems of an earlier reviewer, it doesnt drip, boils quickly, & i really like it that you can boil just a cup of water. The little filter in the lid is very neat & doesnt get in the way of filling. Aesthetically it goes with any decor, & looks so neat when boiling with the blue leds around the bottom. **************************************************************************************************************a year on & i really love this kettle. Only drawback is that i descale it every 2 weeks(london water) because it shows being a glass kettle. I use a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of hot water & it takes about 30 min to clean, then rinse.

Looks great and boils water fast.

Great looking kettle,great all in all performance,fast delivery , great packaging, sadly had to return it after a few days of not being able to get rid of the horrid plastic taste from it.

It’s proper fast and neon blue.

Lovely stylish looking kettle, not too noisy when its boiling. I’ve had a lot of comments from visitors asking me where i got it.

The kettle arrived three days earlier than expected, thank you. It is a good kettle and looks good when turned on withthe beautiful blue light reflecting upwards. I bought it because it is made from schott glass and from past experienceit is very reliable.

I wanted a glass electric kettle rather than the horrid plastic ones that leak alsorts of harmful substances into the water – this is perfect plus a lovely blue light when boiling. The kettle is over 3 years old now and it constantly trips the electricity. A real pain – i thought the problem was the narrow base but after standing it on a plinth it seems the tiniest drop of water on the outside sets it off.

Delivery time was as expected. The kettle is very light and does not sit tight on the stand. The spout has a useful filter attached but makes it difficult to fill from the tap without spilling. Water drips from the spout onto the stand after pouring. It is not a particularly fast boil though it looks cool in the blue light whilst waiting. There are cheaper models on the market and with hindsight i would go for one of those and half the price.

This replaced a russell hobbs where the top snapped as per many other reviews. This top seems to have a stronger connection but i am not sure about the durability of the filter. If the top is not fully opened then the movable filter doesn’t go into the hole. Not sure how long it will be before we snap this off.

Brilliant – and just wait until you see the lights. Didn’t think i’d find a kettle as pretty as my last one, but this one fitted the bill brilliantly. (and it works quickly and quietly too.

My previous glass jug kettle stopped working. On checking out a few cheaper versions on the market, and reading comments, it appeared that a lot suffered with lid problems. I then came across this stellar one. At first it seemed pricey in comparison to others, but i was beginning to feel that i had no choice. I purchased it and was amazed at the speed of delivery (purchased on a thursday evening, delivered on the sunday. Yes sunday)the kettle itself is well made,looks good and the blue lighting when being boiled also very attractive. The kettle is well made, no lid problems and boils quick. I am delighted with this purchase. Don’t be put off by the price as you get what you pay for.


  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars Keeps switching itself off.

    This review is from : Stellar Glass Kettle, 1.7 Litre, 3000 W, Silver

    Same problem as othe reviews. Kettle keeps switching itself off.

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