SISA4 Sistema Twister Bottle – Perfect for kids lunch boxes

Best water holder i can find. Great colours and reasonably priced.

With 2 children in school, leaky drinks bottles irritate me. We have tried and tested many bottles and these are by far the best i’ve found. The twist top is easy to open and close for little fingers and once closed doesn’t leak at all. The size is perfect for lunchboxes (smaller than bottles we’ve had before which my children could never drink all of in one sitting anyway). The bottle itself is lightweight too (and squeezable), nothing like the metal type on the market which weigh down lunchbag and child. When sipping, you also get a full mouthful of liquid too, not part air which some kids bottles seem to give you. I have these for lunchbags and intend to order the larger size for my kids water bottles (we have to send both to school) when it gets towards summer.

It’s a cute little bottle but i didn’t realise it’d be so small. I had bought it for my 6 year old and had to get him a bigger one – but i’ve kept the small one for me :).

  • Sistema bottles are brilliant
  • Perfect for school lunch boxes
  • Colourful water bottles and two sizes!

I was recommended this bottle from a friend, as i was sick of my children’s bottles leaking over the contents of their school bags. . It is brilliant, as the top screws down inside the bottle so it can’t leak, and the bottle is flexible enough that if it is dropped it doesn’t split/crack/break, as many other makes do. I have bought several, in other sizes and colours.

Very pleased with this drinks bottle, so much better than all of the other bottles we have that leak, will probably buy more.

Features of Sistema Twister Bottle, 330ml – Aqua

  • Sistema 330ml bottles have a unique Twist ‘N’ sip lockable cap which not only is leak-proof but also provides a more hygienic way to drink
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • The 330ml bottle is a convenient size perfect whilst on the move
  • Grooved body makes lifting easier
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Capacity- 330ml dimensions 6.7 x 16cm.

I have partial vision and these bottles prevent many spillage around the house, excellent buy, highly portable,.

Brilliant product, we buy sistema bottles for our daughter, so when my toddler son wanted to use one we found this one which is slightly smaller than hers so perfect for him. Good job we didn’t need it for the start of school though as it took almost 2 weeks to arrive.

This is a great bottle – it does not leak. Bpa (bisphenol a) is often present in polycarbonates (which this type of bottle is made from). Bpa is found in many plastics and may be linked to cancer. It is an unstable compound and can leach into food products. Once in food, bpa can move quickly into people – a particular concern for women of childbearing age and young children. So, it pays to buy bpa-free plastics for plastics used with food. You soon get black mould forming inside the lid which we found impossible to remove because you cannot reach it. So we bought another bottle – which succumbed to the identical problem.

This is a great bottle for lots of reasons – 1) it does not leak at all 2) it fits into the standard kids lunchbox/lunch bag 3) it is easy enough for my 4 year old to open/close himself 4) it is easy to clean 5) it is reasonably priced so we got a few of themthe only possibly downside is that it does not have superheros/ angry birds etc on it but then it would probably be twice the price if it did.

Bought this for my 19month old grandson as his sister has one. They love them and the don’t drip.

Only mom’s know the importance of a great drinks bottle that doesn’t leak. I have wasted money on sooo many bottles that turned out to be useless but now my search is over. These bottles are fab and i won’t be buying anything else again.

Doesn’t leak and great size for a lunch box.

Best water bottle in the market.

Great item never leaks and a perfect size for my daughter’s school bag.

100 percent no-spill when closed. 5 yro toddler who can open and close it easily herself. She prefers this bottle over her valved tommy tippe straw cup. If using for kids, mind that it will spill when tipped if the cap is open.