Simply Naturals Pure Plant Derived Sizzling Minerals – Top Product

Prompt delivery, great product.

This product is amazing, plant minerals are absorbed far better by the body than metallic or rock. Buy & try, you will feel the difference. They can also be purchased from [.

This product is amazing and can be taken by any body you can buy this product for £19. 97 on auto ship for the first month and than £23. 97 from second month buy direct from www. Here are the specifications for the Simply Naturals Pure Plant Derived Sizzling Minerals:

  • 100% pure plant derived minerals to dissolve in water for a deliciously tasty drink!

I feel more with it during the day since i have been taking them. I want to believe in what they claim to do, so i’m going with it.

Got these for my elderly mother who is still a smoker; after 5-6 weeks her constipation had gone and her system back to normal. She stopped taking them and after about a month her constipation started again – started the sizzling minerals again and constipation went, coincidence?. I don’t know but my mother is convinced she feels so much better for taking them especially now her body ‘functions’ better.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great to use daily !
  • great product
  • Brilliant

Tasty and good for rehydration.

Excellent product very balancing for the blood cells.

I used to have severe asthma and have been left very tired most of the time although i work full time. I started taking sizzling minerals about two years ago now and i would now hate to ever do without them. I just never get ill now i am 64 years of age and can honestly say that these tablets have made such a difference to my quality of life i order months in advance just in case they come off the market.

My osteopath recommended i take these for at least 6 month. I love the taste and feel amazing taking thesedelivery was fast and amazing customer service.

For the size of the box and the price, i thought there should have been 4 tubes in there.

Been taking these for 3 months now and have at last noticed a change for the better. Pain levels are down slightly and my immune system seems stronger. Have only given 3 stars for the following reasons:- a) product is over-priced b) 30 wafers are a ridiculous amount as there are more months in the year with 31 days than 30. I tried ordering monthly direct from the company because it is slightly cheaper. I then rang them to ask if they could bring the order forward so i could get my next pack in time to take away on my holiday. They said yes but nothing happened. C) simply naturals are now encouraging individuals to become dealers in order to get minerals for their personal use more cheaply. This smacks of pyramid selling schemes- in fact the whole website is just like the dreaded american-style selling scams which is very off putting. Such a shame when the basic product is good and leads one to ask if this really is a british company. If it is they don’t need to use these tactics and should have more faith in their product.

Amazing product, noticed a difference within four days of taking it and i have friends who have found the same but it is not necessary to pay this much. When you go healthcoach2000. 97 with free postage on auto ship.