Simpli-Special Strainers and Infusers 100 Tea & Coffee Filter Papers : Great as a water filter to.

Good for taking with my loose leaf teas on travel and using at the restaurants too without the fuss of a ball.

These are a great way to save trouble dealing with tea-leaves and coffee grounds so that they can be composted rather than blocking the drains.

Good sized bags for filling.

I bought this in order to make my own teas from my own herbs. The filters are very good quality, but they are more for mugs than small tea cups (they wouldn’t fit in anything smaller than a mug). They don’t taint the drink at all and – if reused – will last quite a while. It’s just a shame they only come with one stick.

  • Tidy mug and teapot
  • Perfect. Bought for use with rooibos which will get
  • Saves fuss and washing up

100 Tea & Coffee Filter Papers + 1 Stick, One Cup Size.

  • Single cup or mug size.
  • Easy to use and dispose of. Heat sealable for your added convenience.
  • Allows you to brew your favourite Loose Leaf Tea or Ground Coffee easily.
  • Each pack comes with a stick designed to fit over your cup without slipping
  • Plenty of space for your tea to brew and expand for Tea as it Should be!

These are great for tea or coffee and they can be reused. Much more convenient than a flap or draw cord.

I originally had one of these bought as a christmas present and am very impressed as it is so easy to make one cup of coffee.

The size of the filter is way bigger than in the picture – flat 10cm wide (folded bottom, so more room for tea and herbs) x 7. I fold it 3 times before pinching it with the stick and it is perfect for my teapot. 5cm wide and 10cm high, that would look more standard and fit into a cup. And one more stick would be a welcome addition to the kit.

Bought for use with rooibos which will get through even the finest metal mesh. Easy to pierce the filter, expanded nicely in a fairly standard sized mug and allowed a lovely flavour to develop because the tea was able to circulate in the water easily.

I’ve been using these bags for a few weeks now and i really love them. I’ve used them to make loose leaf teas and it’s a very simple process. It would be handy if there was some sort of pre-perforation for the stick to pass through. I also realise you can buy extra sticks but it would be nice if there was one spare included. To be clear though, despite very small issues, it’s much easier and quicker than any infuser i’ve tried. I’ll be buying these again for sure.

Great idea if you like fresh loose tea and just need one cup, i use them to make fresh chai latte.

Would make a good gift for someone that likes to blend their own infusions or confess.

I use these as individual water filters when making tea. They work really well removing lime scale easily giving a clear cup of tea.

I bought them for ground coffee, but i use them for both tea and coffee (not at the same time). Until someone invents coffee-bags, these will be the next-best thing.


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    This review is from : 100 Tea & Coffee Filter Papers + 1 Stick, One Cup Size.

    They were flimsy and difficult to fit in a cup and use. Much better products available.
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      They were flimsy and difficult to fit in a cup and use. Much better products available.

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