Shibui Tea Tea filter / tea infuser – Simply effective

Brilliant and easy to clean. Update:after more than a year’s regular use, quite often with loose black tea, the mesh had become stained and partially clogged. At the price, it would have been easy to chuck it away and use another. However, i decided to see if i could clean it by soaking it in white vinegar and then applying a small wire brush. This worked a treat and the infuser gleamed like new again. Tip: these infusers make excellent presents for friends and relatives. Even better, add a packet or two of speciality loose tea to go with the infuser.

This is the second one i’ve bought in as many months. This is so handy not only for favourite loose tea in a single cup,but also teapots by sitting it in the neck. Leaves are easily emptied into recycling bin (or compost heap) and rinsed under tap. Almost like a personal tea bag .My daughter is a die-hard coffee drinker who wants one for her real coffee kicks – so peace falls on the horizon.

After only one brew my old one, which was going to be my reserve, got binned (it was tatty) so now have a brand new shiny reserve infuser. These items are great for a really good cuppa if you only want one mug full. It’s great to use real tea instead of bags, sweepings up, my dad used to call the contents of tea bags. It came well packed with a sample of tea and a beer/tea mat.

  • Tea filter / tea infuser with
  • Very happy with it
  • Just bought a second one.

Bought as a replacement for the one i got from whittards. More sturdy than the old with with a useful lid/drip tray. Nice seller included little note and free tea sample.

Features of Tea filter / tea infuser with stainless steel mesh FINUM

  • Brewing basket for tea and coffee
  • Lid serves as a drip off tray
  • Suitable for mugs and pots
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size: 7.5cm height, 6.1cm/5.2cm diameter top/bottom.

Everything i expected, very easy to clean.

I have been looking for a decent tea strainer for a while. This is a really good strainer, its stainless steel and has a lid/saucer aswell so no spillage on the counter when you take it out of your mug. The mesh is nice and fine so no bits came through. I havent tried it in a teapot but works just fine in a mug. I think itd be fine in a teapot.

I like these, perfectfor 1 mug loose tea making.

Does what it is suppose to do, but get stained easily.

I bought a teapot with an infuser as well but haven’t had to use it yet.

Just the best tea infuser on the market.

I had to order more because every time friends saw mine i was asked to order for them.

Very good tea infuser; basket mesh is very fine which keeps leaves out of your mug. Added benefit of being able to brew coffee; this is a reasonably priced version of the msr mugmate. Have used for shop-bought ground coffee to get my caffeine fix at home and while camping – similar brew to a standard french press, possibly a tad more more sludge at the bottom of the mug but less washing up involved – very easy to rinse the filter off under a tap and dry.

Easy to handle and fits in a cup brilliantly.

Will definetly recommend this if you are a green tea drinker like me.

Good quality and does the job well.

Superb quality in fact are use these to make a cup of ground coffee.