Severin SEVOF WK 3389 Electric Kettle – Love this kettle

Mostly good here, the kettle is a bit bigger than i imagined, but still a good 20-30% smaller and lighter than the average ‘standard’ size alternative. It looks good, pours well and feels well made, certainly by modern standards. The base, incidentally, as is pretty common nowadays, has a certain amount of lead wound round underneath it which can be used as required. The plug – to answer a question i’ve seen asked – is standard uk 3-pin.

A little larger than expected but very nice kettle.

Love this kettle, size is just right for two people. Takes longer than usual to boil but not a problem. Here are the specifications for the Severin SEVOF WK 3389 Electric Kettle:

  • powerful cordless kettle
  • integral steam cut-off
  • concealed heating element
  • 360 central cordless system
  • ON/OFF switch with pilot light, cable storage in power base

Looks great, boils quickly, perfect size for two people & the build quality is superb. Probably the best kettle we have ever owned (in 40 years).

Good looking, and does not drip, convenient when you need a smaller kettle.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good kettle to purchase
  • Severin 1.2 litre kettle WK 3389
  • Good looking, and does not drip

Really satisfied with this purchase. It is light to handle and does everything it says on the detail.

2 litre capacity kettle works well, the lid is easy open/close and filling is no problem. The lower wattage rating does mean it takes longer to boil but this does not bother me because it is so much quieter than my previous kettle.

Not as lightweight as i hoped but adequate. There is also an exposed metal part which i thought would be covered as it says in description the element is not exposed.

Good quality and its good for someone who has arthritic hands.

I ordered this item, not knowing if it would be satisfactory for my 90 year old mother, that has age degenerate eye condition, after receiving this item found it to be perfect, due to the fact that it only had two things for my mother to cope with, the top for opening the lid and the bottom for switching on the kettle, this kettle has been an excellent item on the whole.

Does its job well but feels a bit flimsy and the lead isn’t long enough.

Perfect size for the campervan. Not too small – you can make 4 cups of tea, and not to big – it can be easily stored away. The power cord is a little short but apart from that i would recommend.

Well, it’s a kettle, it boils water. Looks nice, boils quite quickly, the lid opens nice and wide so filling’s easy. And what they never tell you, it’s 19cm high, 14cm diam, or 21cm over spout and handle. Pleased with it so far (an hour and a half).

Fantastic kettle bought it for my mum who is 90 she can pick it up easy and the wide opening is great.


  1. Verified Purchase
    It`s well made but unfortunately it dribbles badly which is a potential danger for my partially sighted mother who this kettle was purchased for.
  2. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : SEVERIN SEVOF WK 3389 Electric Kettle, 1.2 Litre, 1500 Watt, White-Grey

    It`s well made but unfortunately it dribbles badly which is a potential danger for my partially sighted mother who this kettle was purchased for.

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