Saeco RI9127/12 Service Kit, Good if its the size that fits your one

A useful kit containing essential parts to keep your coffee machine in good order.

Looked for this everywhere and thanks amazon, feels like i have a brand new machine coffee machine after a good clean.

Key specs for Saeco RI9127/12 Service Kit for Coffee Machines:

  • Contents: lubricating grease, o-ring gaskets, cleaning brush
  • Regular lubrication prolongs lifetime of the brewing unit
  • Replace regularly the O-rings to prolong lifetime

Comments from buyers

“Good if its the size that fits your one, Official kit, swift delivery, feels like i have a brand new machine coffee machine after “

It’s difficult to find just the one o-ring on its own so ended up buying this kit with unwanted stuff. It would be better if you could just get what you want.

Need food grade grease in bigger tube.

Everything is fine but at least they could fill the grease tube instead of leaving it almost empty.

They do good job, i find them but quite pricey.

The kit contains o-rings, cleaner and grease to suit the brew-group of most saeco automatic coffee makers. Does not contain o-rings for the more inaccessible parts. It’s better to have some rings you don’t need than find you’ve got the wrong ones. Replacing the rings prevents leaks – but is no substitute for regular cleaning. For thorough cleaning you need to decalcify (even in soft water areas) and run through a ‘coffee clean’ tablet – also available from saeco.

You get food safe silicone gel and two o-rings of different sizes. Check the box because sometimes you get two of the same size in one box. Good if its the size that fits your one.

Ridiculously expensive for what it is. At least one model specific kit should be included with each machine, which it isn’t. And the instructions are almost indecipherable.

Bang on time and will do the job nicely.

Product delivered as per description.