Saeco Descaler CA6700/99 Liquid Bottle 250ml : Perfect “Brand” Replacement

Just make sure you run a few tanks of water through the system after descaling so as to remove all traces of the descalerunless of course you want a horrible tasting cup of coffee.

I’ve always bought this from amazon as i don’t know where else to buy it. It’s kept my coffee maker running for years.

Yes,it descalled our machine as expected and within the time anticipatedand the machine is working excellent ever sincethanks.

  • Perfect “Brand” Replacement
  • Works very effectively
  • Works well.

Saeco Descaler CA6700/99 Liquid Bottle 250ml (Pack of 2)

  • Intended for:Coffee machine
  • Product Type:Descaler
  • Package Content:Descaling solution (250 ml) x 2

The product does what is claims. Works really straight forward when follwing the user instructions on the label. But unfortunately it is not really cheap in comparison to other de-scalers though.

This is the recommended descaling product for my philips/saeco syntia bean to cup espresso machine. It does effectively descale the machine and does not need to be used all that often to keep the machine in tiptop condition for producing the perfect coffee that i want. When i bought, the best deal was the twin bottle pack. Of course this may change for when i buy next time.

I was struggling to find a local shop with the gaggia descaler in stock. This alternative looks like it, acts like it, appears to have the same ingredients and comes from the same part of italy. Perhaps it is gaggia’s twin sister. In terms of cost it is fine. To use a cheaper descaler is a false economy if you have a decent espresso machine. They work with a simple citric acid formula whereas saeco (and gaggia) has citric acid, lactic acid and corrosion inhibitors. The good stuff, saeco now being one of them in my book, removes so much more scale and junk that cheaper simple descalers feel like the machine has just been flushed through with fresh water. I’ll be happy to stick with this in future, and if you don’t believe it is worth the money just try it – you’ll be amazed what it cleans out of your espresso machine.

Have done the job really properly.

It does what it says at a very good price.