Polti Cappucci Milk Frother – Fast, foamy and efficient!

I love froth it’s one of my favourite things about having a cappuccino or macchiato. We have had nespresso machines at home the last six or so years and the milk frothers aren’t great. So i was very excited to try the polti cappuccino milk frother. It couldn’t be simpler to use, you just push one of three buttons and use one of the three attachments depending on the result you want. If you want hot, stand up foam then this delivers. Just like you get in a good coffee shop. The other thing i really like is how easy this is to clean. Often with combination coffee machines the milk frother can be difficult to keep clean as it usually goes through the machine so you can’t get to all the parts. As this is just a small jug with removable attachments you know you can thoroughly clean everything. If you fill the jug to 250ml you will get enough froth for two small cappuccinos.

Have had this for a month now and unlike other well-known brand frothers i’ve had, this one has not given me the problem of burnt milk stuck to the bottom. It seems to work differently from others – the black pot as shown in the pic does not have the element built into it. Rather, that is in the white bottom part. Maybe this is why the milk isn’t sticking to the bottom. Whatever the case, i’m happy and am about to buy a 2nd one for a holiday home. Very happy having had 5 other most unsatisfactory frothers. The only negative is that it’s slow. Takes a good 2 minutes to get a solid foam. You can stop it early than it’s automatic stop if you like.

We have a francis francis for illy x1 ground coffee machine, red, which makes amazing coffee and i absolutely love it, but whilst i can use the steamer to make hot frothy milk, there is definitely an art to it and my results are mixedthis little gadget makes it easier than you could ever imagine. There is a lidded jug into which you put either the little round stirring attachment or the little frothing attachment. You then fill the jug between 100 and 250ml with milk and then you sit it with its lid on on the top and press one of three buttons – one with a snowflake or one with a steaming cup of coffee with more steam or another cup of coffee with slightly less steam. If you click the snowflake button, it will mix or froth your milk (depending on which attachment you have chosen) and it actually chills the milk even more (you can feel this on the jug, which retains the cold after you have finished mixing or frothing) the cold setting doesn’t stop automatically, it will continue until you lift the jug or press the snowflake a second time, but it produces an amazing cold froth which we have then used in our coffees on the recent hot days, to allow us to enjoy a nice cappuccino without collapsing in the heat of the day – just taking the edge off, without taking away from the delicious taste.The jug is really easy to clean, so that it just takes moments to tidy up. The heated settings produce mid and steaming heated milk, which allows you to choose according to your preference (and the weather) and the foam it produces it amazing. With the jug (but not the handle) retaining the heat) you don’t need to rush manically for fear of having to reheat it. You can make hot chocolate in this as well as simple frothed milk, which has been a massive hit with the children and provided no-one tried to touch the hot plate, it is very safe and if they make it on the medium setting, it’s great for them and we sometimes make a little extra cold froth if they are eager to drink it. There is an automatic switch off on the hot modes, so that you can press and leave it to do what it needs to without hovering over it. The downsides are few, but i have to say the lines for 100ml-250ml on the jug aren’t that easy to see – but i was soon will be able to judge by eye, but a contrast colour mark on the inside of the jug for min and max would have made it easier. Here are the specifications for the Polti Cappucci Milk Frother:

  • Froths milk for great tasting cappuccino in seconds
  • Creates perfectly frothed milk for all hot drinks
  • Practical and easy to use and clean with anti-spray cover
  • Automatic shut off
  • 3 different functions: froth cold milk, froth hot milk and function only heating

Frothing milk for cappuccino is a bit of a chore (i know. First-world problems) but this machine is brilliant. You just put in the milk and select one of three buttons, depending on whether you want you want your milk cold, warm or hot. Although it arrived in the afternoon, past cappuccino drinking time, i had to try it out: it took 3 or 4 minutes to heat and froth the milk and the result was silky smooth and kept its shape all through the drinking process. It’s non stick so very easy to wash out. A great addition to the kitchen worktop.

The milk frother has two detachable components, one for mixing and one for frothing. Both components do a good job of mixing/frothing. It also has three heating options, no heat, warm, hot. It heats and mixes/froths in good time, around two minutes, and stops automatically when done. If you wish to stop it sooner, you can do so manually by pressing your chosen heating button again before the end of the process. The downside that loses this unit a star is that when using a heated option, you have to wait five minutes before reusing the unit; not ideal when it only holds enough to make one milky drink. Overall, easy to use, easy to wash, does the intended job very well, but would be better if it held more. It is well used in our house by my milkshake-loving daughters, so recommended as long as you don’t want to make too many drinks in one go.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Milk Frother
  • Couldn’t be simpler to use

 as you can see in video it is just slightly slippy especially if you press a button in a horizontal fashion. Loved the non-stick easy clean jug although as you can see i prefer my own measuring jug to get that minimum and a bit: too dark inside jug to see clearly. I have used it with fresh coffee beans for the absolute best result and that nespresso superb push-button coffee. I have only used the medium heat button which is plenty hot, i don’t know how hot the ‘high temperature’ button gets; i will try with chocolate mix one day when, incidentally, the mix should be sprinkled on top of milk in jug. Certainly a step up from my prong-in-a-jug steamer set-up on gaggia classic machine and a lot quieter. (see video review of taylors coffee capsules colombia huila 60 capsules 5th june 2015), it even looks the part next to the nespresso maker.

This is an effective means by which to heat up, and froth, milk for cappuccino or other drinks such as hot chocolate. It basically comprises a lidded mug that sits on top of a heated element with an accessory in the base of the mug that swirls the milk around. There are three supplied accessories, two are frothers and the other is just for mixing; the spares are located neatly in slots on the underside of the device, so you will never lose them. You can choose your accessory to fit the task and then fill the mug with between 100 ml and 250 ml milk – lines inside the mug are provided for guidance on these minimum and maximum levels. I filled to the minimum and was surprised by how high the frothed milk rose within the mug; it was sufficient to produce two cappuccinos. I heated on the high setting, which produced very hot milk and a froth that lasted longer than the time i took to drink the coffee. The froth is quite dense and is best held back with a spoon as you pour out the hot milk and then spooned over the top. I then added my coffee to achieve a nicely layered effect in my glass. I like the item although it seems slightly gimmicky given the number of coffee machines that have milk heating devices attached to them. But if you are looking for a separate gadget that will produce good quantities of cold, moderately hot or hot frothed milk this achieves that with ease and in just a few minutes.

Works perfectly and it is also super silent.

Update (2018): i’ve had this little frother for a couple of years now and it’s still in regular use. The non-stick coating is wearing a bit on the bottom of the cup, but everything still works as it should and it still makes amazing hot chocolate. Highly recommendedoriginal review (2016):this lovely little milk frother seemed a bit of a pointless luxury at first, but is so quick and easy to use for making hot chocolate and frothing milk for coffee, i find myself using it more than i expected. With a choice of cold, warm or hot mixed milk, the little cappucci makes milk frothing hassle free. Assembly is a matter of plugging it in and selecting either a mixing or frothing head for your milk, a frothing head already fitted upon delivery. The mixing head and a spare frothing head are neatly stored underneath the base unit. Pour in as little as 100ml up to 250ml of milk, adding flavouring if required, then activate the program (cold/warm/hot) you want by pressing the appropriate button. A few minutes later you have perfectly frothed milk, or in my case, hot chocolate. The little pouring jug is non-stick and cleans easily. The mixing head pops off leaving a small spindle attached to the cup.

It did work well, it started making a funny noise but was sorted by polti. I didn’t like the jug as milk stuck to side compard to another milk frother i had owned in past that had a stainless jug.

The only downside to this milk frother is that it’s yet another gadget for your work surface. I am delighted with it because it produces the best frothy coffee from any of the devices that i’ve used and it’s straightforward and easy to use. As a bonus it doesn’t involve me almost scalding myself. It can be used to produce up to 250 ml of cold, warm or very hot froth in one go and produces that within a few minutes. It’s also great for hot chocolate and for a cold froth on iced coffee.

Easy to use and easy to clean, it looks good and it doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen counter. Warning: you will drink more coffee once you have this.