Nimbus Falcon Enamel 14cm Teapot Blue, lovely teapot but the knob on the lid is the problem

Simple quality product, arrived less than 12 hours after i ordered it.

Strange but true – this matches really well with my denby dinner and tea services. Great size and no more worrying about chipping the spout.

Fantastic i am really pleased with this item its to replace a pottery teapot that i use in my beach hut it really adds to the atmosphere of tea by the seaside.

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  • Falcon Enamel 14cm Teapot Blue

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“Five Stars
, Just the job

Does the job keeps tea hot and pours well no drips.

I see what you mean, mikehungrylion (feedback on the cream teapot). The knob on the lid is ridiculously flat. It is indeed very difficult to lift especially with wet, or even worse, a soapy hand. I have relatively dainty-ish fingers but still i have to lift it consciously and carefully using my finger tip even when my hands are dry. Why nobody else is complaining about this, and why the manufacturer is making them like this???so, i came up with the solution: wrap a rubber band – perferably the wide type but ordinary ones would work the same if you use several of them – around the ‘faint’ indentation on the knob. You can wrap twice with a wide band. I used a blue one i just happened to have in the kitchen which came from a bundle of leeks i bought from a supermarket. It fits perfectly just on the base of the knob and now i can lift the lid easily with no attention whatsoever. I used a blue on a blue pot so it blends in completely and you would hardly notice it’s there. But a rubber band in a contrasting colour to your pot would also make it more fun i think.

Really great teapot and doesn’t drip.

Really really love this teapot.

That’s the worst thing about tea-pots, they’re always trying to fingt the tap and always come away the looser. This beast shows the tap what for.