London Teapot Company – Chatsford London Teapot Company-Chatsford 6-Cup Teapot – cracking of glazing

– and i have been through a few over the years. The filter works perfectly, making use of the teapot as simple as it can be. The quality of the pot itself is first class. Even my son, who is not prone to noticing such things remarked on how perfectly the teapot fulfilled its role. As a coffee drinker he has taken to drinking much more tea.

If you like a proper cup of tea, and are willing to warm the pot, this is the thing. The insert holds the tea leaves, allowing them to be removed after brewing for the appropriate amount of time. I can usually get 3 mugs worth from one brew – plenty in the morning.

If you like mugs of tea then this is enough for 3 cups. Here are the specifications for the London Teapot Company – Chatsford London Teapot Company-Chatsford 6-Cup Teapot:

  • Removes the need for a conventional tea strainer
  • Enables the tea leaves to be removed from the pot before the tea stews
  • Allows for quick & easy clean up afterwards

The teapot was excellent value.

It’s not the green one we have, ours is spotty, but the same design. It must be, without a shadow-of-a-doubt, the best tea pot we have ever had. We have tried denby ‘never drip’, and it dripped; we have been given various others over the years, but we always come back to the ‘london’. Why, quite simply because it is the right size, the right shape, best design, easiest to handle, least drippy and with the removable insert/strainer it is sooooo convenient. A truly excellent tea pot that i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone. Our current pot is due to be replaced following a slight incident with a tap and its spout, and we will be getting the green this time. Because it will sit on the rayburn nicely to keep warm as i potter round the house grabbing a cup-here-and-a-cup-there as i get up from my desk to do something else.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • cracking of glazing
  • The Very Best Teapot I have ever owned!
  • Best teapot out there!

We replaced this tea pot because the glaze had gone on last one within 15 months. Welike the built in strainer but to be honest the pot is not that well made. The new one has a glazing blemish on lid. We will be looking around for a different brand next time.

It’s the only kind of teapot we ever use. But this is our standard everyday pot.

I have been using this type of teapot for several years and this replaced a broken one. The design and layout allow a perfectly brewed pot of tea to be made then the tealeaves removed so it doesn’t stew. If you prefer loose tea, like me, i know of no better teapot. Well it seems to be 4 years between breakages. I have just had to buy another. I have tried other teapots with infuser but none are as satisfactory as this one. I have a bigger one and a smaller one too.

I bought this teapot as someone bought me a leaf tea set from australia as a wedding present. The tea pot is nice and well made, the green is a slightly lighter tone than the deep green pictured above. Its not a huge difference in colour to warrant returning it. The infuser is a good large one and reaches nearly to the base of the pot so even if you’re only having a single cup it would still get well mixed with the water. I find the tea cup sizing confusing as i don’t know anyone who uses tea cups these days. It make 3 normal sized mugs with some extra space to cover any oversized mugs but not enough for 4 mugs.

Well designed pot – solid, good pourer with very good filter system so that leaves can be disposed of easily. Many teapots are dreadful at pouring and many are dably made. This is just how a teapot should be – nuff said.

Have used nothing but chatsford teapots for years; wouldn’t dream of buying anything else. Classic shape, high quality, simple to use; use real leaf tea and just lift out strainer when brewed to avoid stewing. No complicated plungers etc. Pours really well too and great colours and range of sizes. Their mugs are good too if you want just one cup. My tea is very important to me and teabags are anathema.

Excellent product which brews the the perfect cup of tea, however there is a crack now appearing around the base of the teapot which we have had for about a year so i don’t know how much longer the teapot will last. Hopefully it will not get any worse and will continue to give good service.

Very pleased with item and fast delivery.

The cheapest 6-cup chatsford teapot i could find. It’s very nice and exactly what i was expecting as i have owned chatsford teapots before and can recommend because of their usefulness. The basket is so much more convenient that any other brands. The order was delayed and i received a new estimated delivery date but that didn’t really matter because it just a teapot and it was obviously a one time problem. It arrived in perfect condition and it was nice to be kept in the loop about the delay too.

It was just what i expected as had one of these teapot before and had just recently broke the lid and this one arrived just as advertised so very pleased.

I gave this teapot five stars when it first arrived and still do as a functional teapot. Unfortunately, the glazing around the handle and to the left of the handle has cracked and is unsightly. Everything else about the teapot is perfect. It has been in the dishwasher only once, although it is claimed to be dishwasher safe. For this to happen in such a short period of time-six weeks-is somewhat disappointing and i do fear what it will be like in another six weeks. What do you advise?regards,tony.

I’m a great fan of chatsford teapots and have had several over the years so as my current one had got a bit chipped around the top i asked for a new one for christmas. It’s now april and already i’ve noticed my new one is seriously crazed around the base on the outside (not on the inside it seems). Looking at my old one, it’s not nearly as crazed in spite of being probably getting on for 20 years old. Also, why do manufacturers seem to need to change designs that have worked well. ? the new teapot has a little lip inside the lid which catches water (presumably from the steam as it rises). I’m not sure this is a good thing. It’s impossible to rinse out completely, therefore you will always have a little cold water running round the top and sometimes dripping into the tea. A small point maybe, but i must say i preferred the old straight, uncomplicated lids. All in all, i’ve been a bit disappointed.

Both these teapots really good. I do b&b and most europians like to take the tealeaves out, so this type of teapot is perfect. They are the only ones i use.

Very promptly dispatched, well packaged and it’s progress from dispatch to delivery was exemplary. I’m very pleased with the product (it was a replacement for a breakage) and i would recommend it to any loose-leaf tea lover.

It does what we expected it to do & best of all it pours without dripping, which is what you need.