London Teapot Company – Chatsford London Teapot Company-Chatsford 2-Cup Teapot : best cup of tea

Searching for the perennial christmas presents is an interesting and sometimes challenging experience especially when one has such a large and diverse family. The most successful over the last few years have started with an idea and grown from there. Firstly the idea, to take each member on their own voyage and exploration of the taste of some of the vast range and varieties of teas. Finding an appropriate supplier of small quantities of tea packed into individual packets (24 were required)was one part of the task but perhaps the more important was to find a vessel for the voyage. Enter the chatsford teapot, a fusion of traditional shape blended expertly with modern colouring and above all an ingenious “infusor” that ensures full flavour transfer to the water but prevents any transfer of tea-leaves into the cup. The infusor also prevents blockage during pouring. The product was well described, the picture was highly informative and perhaps the only additional factor that could have been useful would have been some dimensions. The use of the phrase “2-cup” and “4-cup” leaves a great deal to be desired. The 2-cup is really deisgned for a single person and it should state this.

This is the only type of teapot we use (i seem to break one every couple of years) because it is a good size, well made, nice simple colour and comes with the filter for making/steeping loose tea. Can also of course be used with teabags. Simple, not fussy, just right.

Great small teapot 2cups or 1 mug.

Love my little teapot just the right size for my night infusion tea.

  • I wouldn’t be without my Chatsford teapot.
  • Best teapots
  • The correct way to make tea.

London Teapot Company-Chatsford 2-Cup Teapot with One Red Filter, Green

  • Removes the need for a conventional tea strainer
  • Enables the tea leaves to be removed from the pot before the tea stews
  • Allows for quick & easy clean up afterwards

These are great to make the perfect tasting cuppa. Love it with pg tips loose tea.

I have 2 of these anyway so as expected.

Best type of teapot on the market, bought as replacement for the one i had broken, which was the same teapot.

The indentation in the pot rim for the strainer basket helps the lid to fit really tightly – much better than previous similar pots i’ve had, making it safer to pour and keeping the tea hotter.

Always buy these great teapots for real tea leaves.

Love these teapots, real tea never tasted so good. Used to get decorative ones from whittard but now they are not available. These are plain colours but strain the tea perfectly without having to use a tea strainer or open the pot. Tip: don’t tip the teapot forward too far, tea should be poured slowly anyway but it will prevent dribbles out of the lid staining the outside.Also, look after the lid, they cannot be replaced so if they drop on the floor you have to replace the whole pot.