London Pottery 2 Cup Globe Teapot : Holds two mugs just!

Was a gift that was well received.

This is a great buy – just the right size for 2 cups of tea and perfectly proportioned.

I wanted a red teapot to blend in with my colour co-ordinated kitchen saw this and fell in love with it straight away.

Lid tiny and the little knob fiddley, but that’s ok with me.

  • pleased with purchase
  • Red & White Spot Teapot
  • Tea(pot) for two

London Pottery 2 Cup Globe Teapot, Red with White Spots

  • Timeless traditional look of the classic British Teapot with an expertly designed spout to prevent drips
  • 2 cup (0.6 L/ 1 pint) capacity and suitable for use with both loose tea leaves and teabags
  • When pouring, the lid stays in place and a ceramic grill prevents teabags lodging in spout
  • Also available in 4 Cup and 6 Cup and numerous colour options
  • Individual coloured box helps make it an ideal gift

This was bought as a present for my mum who has exacting standards for teapots. She is happy with the size (makes one mugs worth) and with the way it pours.

This teapot is just the job, as always with london teapots it pours perfectly. The colour is bright and shiny and stands up to the dishwasher, coming out as new every time. We use it as our everyday teapot, we like our tea to come from a pot, it is also more economical as we get 4 cups from 2 yorkshire tea bags instead of using 4 tea bags.

Ordered bright red spotty teapot to match red spotty cups. Received dark red teapot with dark red spots – i. Works just fine but not what i ordered.

Perfect size for sharing small cup of tea.

Definitely 2 cups, just about 2 mugs. Product arrived in perfect condition and does the job very well. Spout pours without dripping. Finish is good and hasn’t shown any signs of ageing after several months use.

Some of the spots are pitted and red paint shows though.

Good size 2 cup teapot, seems good quality.

Pours well and just holds enough for two mugs. When pouring the lid remains in position.

I bought this for my mum and she loves it. It holds a surprising amount of tea for its size and pours really well.

Pleased with the teapot — although a second (not stated on web) –i am not complaining at the price i paid.

Great little teapot at a very good price.

Excellent little teapot, great service and enough for two mugs.

I have a 6 cup version of this which produces 4 good mug fulls. On saturdays when i rise early and don’t want a full pot cos he’s still in bed, i now have the ability to make an equally good tasting cuppa but x 2 instead of x 4 – no waste.

A lot smaller than what i was expecing – slightly disappointed with the size but it still made a lovely gift.

Absolutely adorable, still have it.

I bought this as a christmas present and it’s the perfect teapot for one. It doesn’t drip or spill and makes a great cup of tea. It can also go in the dishwasher which is a bonus.


  1. Style: Spotty Teapot Verified Purchase

    This review is from : London Pottery 2 Cup Globe Teapot, Red with White Spots

    I would not call it a 2 cup tea pot. Other than that it has lasted well though little used as it is to small.
    1. Style: Spotty Teapot Verified Purchase
      I would not call it a 2 cup tea pot. Other than that it has lasted well though little used as it is to small.

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