KOMOK IP65 Waterproof Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1, Five Stars

Fantastic little flask, perfect for hot and cold drinks. I use this for milk to go with my big flask for work. Really neat little flask very trendy colour. Comes well packaged with instructions. Lovely chrome colour finnishes it off well. Dont put it in the dishwasher like i did as colour comes off which it probably advises in instructionsi bought this at a reduced price for an honest and fair review which i have done.

. Filled with coffee at 10 this morning and it’s now 3pm.

I received this item really quick, it came in a plain box, with a clear plastic wrapping to protect the flask. I got this in the colour purple, and its beautiful, it has sparkles in, like glitter and is very girly. I did test this, by filling it with hot water. Tip: when u fill this with your desired hot drink or soup, you should put some boiling water in the flask for 10-15 minutes before, screw the lid on. When the time is done, you empty it and fill it with your choice of drink. I filled this with coffee in the morning at about 7:30am and it was still boiling hot at 11pm. When you buy a flask you want the drink or soup to stay hot for the length of a work day. Tthis is definitely the flask for the job. It does come in different colours, but i chose the girly colour of purple.

Comments from buyers

“High quality & stylish small vacuum flask
, now this is a flask that keeps drinks hot all
, Five Stars

Very high quality design: has a double o-ring seal that keeps a pocket of air above the liquid surface, increasing the efficiency of the isolation. Bonus: it doesn’t drip like other similar products.

Keeps drink hot for hours, the screw on cup is very trendy and comfortable to drink from. I was worried that the cup will crack because it looks sort of fragile but i’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and it’s like brand new. The paint on the bottle doesn’t flake or scratch away which is pleasant surprise (my previous hot drink bottle showed scratches after one week of use). The handle is handy too – it’s safer to walk holding the cup handle instead of worrying that the bottle will slip from my hand if i hold it by the main body with wet hand. I can really recommend this one.

I’ve had my flask this past week, and been using it every day. The flask came well packed in eco-friendly boxing and padding. The flask packaging is also simple – a clear polythene bag covering the flask, and a box that snugly fits around it. There’s a pack of silica-gel to keep the inside clean and dry. It’s non-toxic and safe, but i doubt you want it floating around in your drink. Just tip the flask upside down and it’ll fall out. The flask steel is strong and doesn’t deform if you give the flask a good squeeze. The colour is good – it’s more of a purple than a bright pink. The cup screws onto the top of the flask, so it doesn’t fall off, and the flask is sealed by a screw-top that has a double rubber seal which ensures there won’t be any leaks.

Slim, compact, great storage solution for hot drinks.

Now this is a flask that keeps drinks hot all day long. Had my coffee in it at 11am and was still not at 10pm.

They leave the item in the neighbourhood but they don’t leave the card in my posts. Item looks like in description.

Fabulous product, & excellent size for day sack/bag. Size also lets it fit in my car cup holder to keep it handy when out * about. The ‘purple’ was still to pink & girlie for my son so this one is now mine & be will be buying the boys less ‘girlie’ colours very soon. Happy to recommend this product, which arrived well packed on time.

Not tried yet, but it is mych smaller than expected. I didn’t read how much it held before purchasing, but it looks good.

Another brilliant lifesky product. I bought this on the premise of being very pleased with another lifesky travel mug i bought the other week and again i am very pleased with the quality of this product. Its a 500ml flask in a gorgeous metallic plum shade , not too feminine with the added bonus of a little clear plastic cup on the top. The lid has a two button usage, push one to open, the other to close so you don’t have to remove lid to drink, keeping the contents hotter for longer. At first test, the contents kept hot for at east 4/5 hours, perfectly ample for a rugby match/ a long walk etc. Haven’t tried keeping drinks cold yet as the season is wrong but based upon the hot test, will be more than ample for that too. This firm are certainly consistent with quality control, no spills or leaks and has the added bonus of being unusual with their designs. I love travel flasks and thermos mugs like this and certainly have been asked on where to get them. If you want something different to everyone else, can highly recommend this brand for design and quality. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review and have no hesitation in highly recommend this item.

Excellent, student daughter has had a lot of use from it :-).

I was very pleased when this arrived it is absolutely perfect for taking on long journeys and is not too heavy or bulkt to carry.

After reading loads of reviews about various flasks i decided to go with this little beauty, i’m so happy with it, not only does it keep your drink piping hot it looks great too. It actually sparkles when the light hits it. It has great suction causing no leaks whatsoever and has the cutest little cup with a handle. It’s a perfect all round little flask , i now know what to get my friends for their birthday. One very happy customer 😄.

Bought this for my work but my daughter seems to have stolen it for school, it’s a very high quality product i would say that if you want it for yourself don’t show the kids or you will have to purchase another 🙂 it keeps the drinks nice and hot for much longer than my previous flasks. I have received this item at a reduced price for an unbiased review.

This flask arrived quickly, well packed and undamaged. It is a lovely purpley/pink colour. The cup is fairly small, but seems well made, as does the whole flask. The flask itself is fantastic. I have bought several flasks over the last year trying to find one that will actually keep my drinks hot. I have tried much more expensive brands – thermos and stanley- that did not work nearly as well as this. I like to make a big pot of proper leaf tea in the morning, drink a cup right away and put the rest in a flask to drink throughout the day. That was the idea anyway, to be economical and save turning on the kettle repeatedly. I was ending up with the second cup being lukewarm and the third and fourth rather cold. Not so with this flask – after three hours i nearly burned myself pouring out the tea, it was still scalding hot.

A really classy looking flask anyone would be proud to have, and there are a selection of colours. My daughter has given this a thorough testing as she takes a flask of tea when she goes to see to her horses. Making the tea at about 7am the flask is then sat in a cold (very cold the last couple of days) car. So far she has used it after 3 hours and 7 hours and the tea has still been freshly brewed hot, which far exceeds any other flasks she has ever had. The box states it will keep hot for up to 12 hours and i have no doubt that would be true. You don’t have to take the top off as there is tab at the top to press which lets out the contents. The top is very deep with a sealed valve at the bottom that only releases when the tab is pushed then seals again enabling the tea to stay very hot as no cold air gets into the flask when pouring fluid out. The flask comes in a very sturdy box and has clear instructions, ie heating or chilling the flask before filling. No hesitation at all in highly recommending this product to family and friends, looks good and first class at keeping drinks hot, have not tried cold drinks yet but expect it would be just as good.