Kitchen Perfected Lloytron Cordless Kettle – Gem of a kettle

Only three stars it is difficult to open the lid and so i fill through the spout the switch to operate the kettle is so stiff i have to use the side ofmy left hand to switch it on whilst holding the kettle with the other hand to stop it moving. I was just used to flipping a switch with my fingeryou cannot walk away and then decide to reboil as once it has boiled it will not work again untill it has chance to cool down. The base to mine was scratched but as my old kettle was broken i decided to keep this one. On the posotive side it is very light which is the best thing i can say about it.

Excellent for my truck boils very quickly aswell.

You have to watch it if you take the kettle off just before boiling, because it doesn’t have an automatic switch off when lifted. It will start to boil again. However, it’s a great buy and good value.

  • Just okay
  • Gem of a kettle
  • Small Kettle

Its a nice little kettle bought for our tent (when we can get an electric hook up) i just wish the power lead was a little longer.

We use these small kettles on hospitality trays in our guest house. They are neat and easy for guests to use because they are cordless. The only reason i have not awarded 5 stars is that they do not have a long life. As they are inexpensive this is not a big issue.

Features of Lloytron Cordless Kettle, 1 Litre, 900 Watt, Black

  • Max Capacity: 1Litre
  • Ribbed Grip
  • Dual Water Level
  • LED indicators
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off

I’m not particularly happy with this kettle — one could expect that it might take ages for 1l of water to boil in a 900-watt kettle, but neither that the lid wouldn’t close and your either have to manually switch it off or burn your hands with the steam, trying to abruptly close it when the water is boiling, nor that it was harder to close than to open (too firm, openable only manually). The power cord is overly short as expected from a small kettle. Doesn’t even sit very well in the holder. For what it’s worth — it works.

Nice small kettle so wont take so long to boil, good size for motorhome.

This small kettle works well and is ideal on our boat because we have restricted ampage supply.

Bought this item to use in my van(with a 12v to 240v inverter). It takes roughly 7 minutes to boil a full kettle, which i thought was perfectly acceptable considering the lower(900w) wattage. I marked it down slightly because the filter doesn’t fit correctly, which i have thrown away. Overall, a good and cheap little purchase.

Bought this kettle after trying various others for use in our motorhome and it works very well given its wattage size. It boils the water as quick as the gas kettle so as soon as we have pitched up,plugged into the mains we are enjoying a mug of tea.

Only a little slower than the . I would reccomend this kettle to people living alone or as a couple you will save money there is no need to fill up to maximum capacity just what you need.

Lively looking kettle, perfect for using in the caravan, just the right size.

Perfect size to keep in the bedroom for a pre-yoga tea 🙂 very quiet boil :).

Great product and speedy delivery – thanks.

Great little kettle, just what i needed to run off my 2kw inverter on my works vehicle . A refreshing cuppa is had by all now :d.

I bought this kettle for the bedroom as it is reasonably small. I need a cup of coffee before i roll into the shower in a morning. It is perfectly adequate and boils fairly quickly.

Boils in a decent amount of time.

I have a compact kitchen so this was perfect for me and it a nice looking little kettle, fits in like a little glove.

Ok for 1 cup, very slow boiling.

Was looking for a small light weight kettle for my 93 year old mother, who was using a heavy , far too large kettle for her needs. Good value , safer for her to use,.

This is great so handy for me.


  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars Worked fine to start with
    Worked fine to start with , probably used it about half a dozen times then it decided to stop working . Still waiting for a refund .
    1. Verified Purchase
      Worked fine to start with , probably used it about half a dozen times then it decided to stop working . Still waiting for a refund .

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