Kinox K974 Insulated Tea Pot : This teapot was a replacement for the previous one which

It does just the job – holds 2 mugs of tea. There was an issue but it was dealt with efficiently by the seller.

I already have one of these in white but it does stain badly so i bought the black one which is great. I have cleaned the white one by putting it in the dishwasher but don’t know if this has caused it to stain more easily. I would love to know if you can put them in the dishwasher as there are no instructions only on the cardboard box it came in. This doesn’t mention anything about how to look after it.

Doesn’t keep tea hot for long.

Does not keep tea hot as long as i expected (after reading peoples’ reviews before buying.

Bought this item for my caravan, so i can have a proper cuppa. Does the job well and keeps a second cup ready for me to drink.

Kinox K974 Insulated Tea Pot, 20 oz., Capacity, Black : Arrived within delivery estimate time. Little disappointed that this pot is not completely sealed like the coffee pot version so does not keep tea hot for as long, would probably stick to the other version if purchased again.

Holds 2cups and keeps it hot while it brews.

The beverage inside stays hot for a decent length of time.

Nice, safe product for a young man with special needs.

Tea can taste a bit plasticky.

Great little teapot that kept the tea very hot.

Nice on sunny morning breakfast on our patio.

Good little teapot, a bit hard to clean but otherwise meets all requirements.

Yes it’s what i wanted and expected.

Very happy with this insulated teapot. I originally had a bigger one, but i much prefer this size.

Great product bought it to use for camping use it as an everyday tea pot.

Very good, keeps tea lovely and hot but no instructions on how to clean inside, dish washer doesn’t do it and it’s too small to get my hand inside.