Kenwood SJM 020 – electric kettles – Great colour grip great to hold

Wonderful small 1 litre kettle. Ergonomically suited for arthritic hands. I was so thrilled to find it again. Boils small and larger amounts of water quietly and quickly.

Love the colour that matches my grey and yellow kitchen. Perfect size as i only usually make one or two cups of tea at one time so when the kettle is full of water it’s not too heavy to lift and pour out. Lovely modern design but too expensiveeasy to order on line, well packaged and arrived on time.

Rather smaller than anticipated but good service by sender.

Advert did not make clear this is the small size version rather than the larger size that i had owned previously. To be fair the size was mdentioned in the small print further down in the advert but the seller should make clear it is not the standard size kettle.

A lovely modern looking kettle, which is now very hard to find in the yellow colour, in the end found it for sale in germany. The kettle is not the biggest around but is good enough for two or three mugs of a hot drink. It’s such a great colour really modern looking so why kenwood have discontinued it i don’t know although there are different colours still available the yellow has to be the one that stands out amongst them all.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great colour grip great to hold
  • Fabulous kettle and arrived quickly

Arrived well packaged and quickly. I was so happy to find this kettle after our same kettle in pink stopped working. It’s the perfect size for a couple. Love it and really hope kenwood don’t stop making them.

This is the first negative review i have given but a whimper from me should be heeded. Firstly, this is an attractive looking water heater and will perform its function well – it heats water. However, if you are addicted to instant coffee as i am, this may not last. Constant refilling of the kettle will wear out the lid and the heavy handed amongst us may unknowingly wear out the tiny plastic catch the secures the lid down. Just after the product warranty expired (its always the way isn’t it) the tiny catch that secures the lid snapped and the tiny piece of plastic is probably floating around in my intestines somewhere – who knows. The real issue with me is you cannot get a replacement parts , particularly a replacement lid assembly whichi would have been quite happy to pay for. Also the enamel wears quite quickly. Pros – it is a nice design yellow is my favourite colour heats water quicklycons – that pesky lid catch lets face it – it’s overpricedwould i recommend it to friends and family?. – only if they like a vibrant shade of yellow.

Kettle great but smaller than we thought, ideal for 2 people.

Wow this kettle makes no spills doesn’t sound like a jet taking off just a humming sound to let you know it’s on comfortable and light weight so easy to use quite good looking does as it’s told so lm hoping it lives in my kitchen a long time. Cheerful colour and the quality smiles at you took me a long time to find this kettle must have spent over three hundred quid in past four years on kettles prior to this kenwood and boy have they been naff. So i’m hoping my yellow kenwood keeps me company for a long time.

Needed a replacement wanted it to match other range. It was a shame that it was only 1ltr size. Does the job and looks very smart as it matches my toaster and coffee machine.


  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars looks great.....then stops working

    This review is from : Kenwood SJM 020 – electric kettles

    After a short time following expiry of warranty, the on off switch broke.
    1. Colour: yellow Verified Purchase
      After a short time following expiry of warranty, the on off switch broke.

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