KeepCup Original Alchemy Medium 12oz : Excellent, buy this cup!

Good for the environment, however it’s not spill/leak proof.

Came across these out in australia, fantastic funky product which i use for my coffee on the way into work each morning. Everyone who has seen it now wants one.

This is my first ever amazon review but i had to post since i’m so happy with this product, especially knowing the good i’m doing for the environment by not using disposable cups when buying coffee. It’s a naughty habit but i buy a coffee from pret every single morning on my way to work. They’re happy to take my cup (and you should take the leaflet’s advice, give them a clean cup, keep the lid) they fill it to the brim, and then i snap the lid on really easily. Despite it being full, when i’ve tilted it by accident while carrying it does not leak. The mouth piece is really clever so you can have open/close spout. I personally take the lid off and drink from the cup when i get to work but i’ve never noticed a plastic taste so no complaints there. It handles the heat fine – not too hot to handle. However i wouldn’t recommend as a flask to put in your bag as on its side i’m not sure it would stay leak proof. Really easy to wash up (the mouth piece and rubber band thing are detachable).

Good value,pretty colour and arrived interacted.

  • Excellent, buy this cup!
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  • Five Stars

Original Alchemy Medium 12oz Keepcup (Albus)

  • Designed to replicate internal volumes of disposable cups and fit under the coffee machine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • BPA free (non toxic)
  • Food safe and recyclable
  • Splashproof seal to ensure coffee remainder makes it to the sink not your bag

I sourced one of the more neutral colours due to my husbands old one (different brand) not living up to the name. He loved the one i bought him that he bought this for me straight away. Once it’s had coffee in it i wouldn’t put tea in it. The flavour does hang around but you taste the coffee and not what it’s in and that’s the most important part to us.

Exactly what i wanted and delivered in good time.

Take it every where with me.

Perfect for taking your coffee on the go, keeps it relitively warm.

Excellent quality and easy to clean. A good way to avoid all those wasteful take away cups.

The kid fits snugly, preventing any spills/leaks.

Use it everyday, sometimes twice a day.

I really like the look of the keepcup but i was really disappointed that it is not ‘splashproof. ‘ it’s great to have a reusable cup that keeps it heat for a fairly long time, but it cannot be turned around upside down/ chucked in the bag without spilling everywhere out of the rotating mouthpiece. It even spills with the lid on if it is overfilled. This is a cool product but not a vacuum flask.

Perfect size, no nasty plastic taste, easy to hold and no drips.