Hario Measuring Jug 500ml Wide Mouth Heatproof Glass – One of the only jugs I could find that does

Used to have a plastic one which didn’t last long. This glass measuring jug looks nice and feels great too.

My wife wanted a measuring jug got measure 160ml and i almost gave up as most have markings in 50ml spacing, so you get 150ml then 200ml, others had 25ml spacing, so you would get 150ml, then 175ml, then 200ml. Neither of these are any good if you want 160ml, you had to ‘guess’. Al last markings at 10ml intervals so i purchased the 200ml heatproof version, mainly because the heatproof version has a handle on it whereas the standard version doesn’t, which makes it a beaker rather than a jug it is really a well made quality product, and although the black japanese markings (whatever units these are is a mystery ) are a slight distraction but you soon forget about them, as the red markings stand out a lot more anyway. I am sure the heatproof quality may be useful to a lot of people. For instance heating up milk etc in a microwave, or measuring boiling water, i doubt if we will use that. But of course you never know. In conclusion, this is a very well made item and although it is a little on the expensive side (no doubt because it has come a long way ?), it is accurate and if you need that accuracy anyway, as my wife does, it is definitely well worth it .

This jug is everything i wanted and more. It’s made of glass which is heat resistant but is not thick and rough like some other brands whose jugs are as thick as beer tankards. This one is very elegant without compromising on the quality. The handle is a perfect addition as you don’t have to burn your fingers touching the body. The measurement lines are in several different units – ml, cups and some japanese i can’t quite read 🙂 most are in red colour (japanese are black) and they are also marked on the inside so you can easily see how much you are putting without looking on the outside. The overall shape of the jug is not a straight cylinder but it’s slightly wider at the top so that to me adds to its style. One could say the item is a bit pricey for what it is but if that’s what you really need, i’d say it’s worth getting it.

  • Great accurate measuring jug !
  • Love, love, love
  • Sweet jug

One of the only jugs i could find that does cups and mls. However its overpriced without a doubt.

Nice thick glass, and the 02-sized hario dripper fits perfectly on top. I know it’s just a jug, and it’s quite expensive for a jug, but it’s perfect for what i got it for – making two cups of coffee in the morning.

Features of Hario Measuring Jug 500ml Wide Mouth Heatproof Glass

  • Heatproof glass
  • Made in Japan
  • Very clear measuring marks
  • Use for liquids or some solids
  • Very high quality construction
  • Manufacturer warranty will not apply. Please review Amazon’s return policy, which usually offers free returns within 30 days of receipt.

This is ideal for measuring small amounts. The markings are plain to see.