GOTO Tetsubin Japanese style Cast Iron black hobnail teapot kettle 0 – bought this and the matching trivet and I am delighted with both items

I ordered it as a surprise for my husband. It’s a brilliant tea pot, we love it so much. It is a very good value for money.

I bought this teapot (along with the trivet) as an xmas present for my husband and he loves it. It arrived on time, was well packaged and looks the biz. It’s a nice quality, the tea tastes great and he’s very careful to make sure it’s dry after using it so we’ve had no issues with rusting after six months use so far. Very happy to have bought this traditional style of japanese teapot from this seller.

Love it, cute looks great high quality finish. Holds a good 2 mugs makes great tea. Like to satrt collecting them.

  • Quality japanese teapot at a great price
  • bought this and the matching trivet and I am delighted with both items
  • great cast iron teapot

A beautifully made, elegant item.

I bought this and the matching trivet and i am delighted with both items. The teapot is strong and attractively designed and it really does keep the tea hot for quite a while. I like to use it to make chai, putting a twinings chai teabag in the strainer along with half a cinnamon stick, four crushed yellow cardamoms and a little grated fresh ginger. I can allow it to brew for a few mintutes without the tea cooling down.

Features of Tetsubin Japanese style Cast Iron black hobnail teapot kettle 0.8 litre

  • Japanese style Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea pot / kettle
  • 0.8 Litres black with Hob Nail design
  • Height; handle up 16cm, handle down 8cm
  • Diameter; 14.5cm , with spout 18cm
  • Weight; 1kg empty

Nice quality product at reasonable price.

Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday, he loves tea and i wanted to get him a man teapot. I was so disappointed when it arrived, it is tiny. I thought i’d be lucky to get a full cup out of it. But when i measured it out you get 2 huge mugfulsso happy with this product and the service :).

A nice study teapot that makes about two large cups of tea when filled. It has a large easy to hold handle that folds out of the way when filling the pot. The pot body is about 145mm at the widest point and about 80mm from base to lid-level. The pot itself looks very nice when not in use. We are very pleased with the purchase.

Good price, but smaller capacity than stated. Thought would get water to boiling temp on top of our wood stove but doesn’t quite make it.

Beautifully simple yet precise, the tetsubin is the very essence of the japanese ethic of simplicity ,style, function. I am very pleased with this example. Arrived two days after ordering.

I love my teapot and it keeps the brew hot. Every serious tea drinker should have one. Invent your own tea ceremony.

When pouring into the cast iron cups they get hot but wait a minute or two and they are ok to hold. The only thing you may consider before buying a cast iron teapot and cups is that you have to dry them very well to avoid rust.

It is very good quality, doesn’t drip, and keeps heat well.

If you are a teaholic then you need one of these. I use it to make pakistani/indian chaa and cook it in the kettle rather than the usual pan. Not only does it look good less washing up and more fragrance from the tea and herbs and above all stays hot. Works a wonder on my induction hob. What more could i need in a teapot.

Beautiful teapot, my friend loved her present.