For Life Stump Teapot Lime 0 – Smaller than I thought but all the same a good product. Good price and exactly as it looks

Brilliant product, top notch service. Previously had a glass tea pot, this one is so much better in every respect.

I’ve used so many of these teapots in cafes in recent years that i realised they are the perfect combination of form and function so i decided to get myself one for home. Nothing much to say other than it does the job perfectly and is easy to was out ready for the next brew. Solidly built and not too big. I have no doubt the life stump teapot will be considered a design icon in the future. If i could change one thing about this teapot it would be to make it double walled to keep a brew hotter for longer.

I love that you can use loose leaf tea or teabags, as preferred. It pours beautifully without dripping. Here are the specifications for the For Life Stump Teapot Lime 0:

  • For Life Stump Teapot
  • The Stump teapot features an extra fine 0
  • 3mm tea infuser and permanently attached hinged lid for easy use
  • The extra fine infuser enables you to brew fine teas such as Rooibos tea and large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea
  • This teapot is also ideal for using regular tea bags

Its too small for 2 cups of tea, the internal sieve is a bit of faff for cleaning. Id buy a bigger one next time.

Only good for 1 or 2 drinking out of small cups. Nice colour (green) and washes well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • too small for 2

It’s a nice teapot, just enough liquid for 2 cups of tea. We use to have a red one (really nice red colour actually) and i like the improvement to the infuser. The infuser now has a little handle so you can easily remove it after brewing your tea. Cleaning the metal infuser can be a bit hard, it’s hard to get all the tea leaves out. Mesh infusers are always easier to clean. I use to put our red one in the dishwasher and it was always fine. However the lid doesn’t come off so you have to work around that. The lime colour is not as bright as i would have liked, but still very nice. I would recommend this teapot in lime or in any other colour too.

Good service, would recommend.

Lovely piece of kit, it was delivered very quickly.

Smaller than i thought but all the same a good product. Good price and exactly as it looks in photo and delivered in super quick time.