Fino Kettle – Narrow Spout – a mazing ketttle. worth the wait!!! good quality

I only bought this kettle to make hand-poured filter coffee because controlling the flow from the spout does matter. But i liked it so much that it’s now taken over from my electric kettle for all-purpose use. I hadn’t appreciated just how much difference the position of the spout and the angle of the handle would make. It looks good, too, and, unless this is my imagination, it doesn’t seem to develop scale as fast as the electric kettle. I live in a very hard water area, and the filter in my water jug lasts a couple of weeks rather than a month, yet filtered water in the electric kettle furs it up faster than water straight from the tap in the fino kettle. Anyway, the fino is a joy to use and very good value. If you’re going to use an item several times a day, week in, week out, it might as well be a nice one.

Thank you for your kind service i got mail from seller whether the product is arrived yesterday. Fortunately i just got this morning from royal mail(thank you for safe delivery). When i got recipt from seller week ago, it saysmight takes a month for delivery. So i thought maybe it is good time for research for drip coffee before i use this kettle. I watched youtube, google and everything. Even buy thermometer and drip decanter. I choose this simply because it is stainless / has lid / price(bicarb and citric acid is good to clean for stainless and you can use magic block at the end and your kettle will look brand new every time)thank you for your really kind e-mail. I didn’t get it when i read it because i thought the kettle will come month later. One service japanese green tea bag come with the kettle. I quite like penguin paper clip as well.

Fast despatch and delivery from japan, well packaged, great kettle for my hario v60, spout is great easy pour with no drips very high quality kettle. Highly recommend for making great pour over coffee. Here are the specifications for the Fino Kettle – Narrow Spout:

  • Size: 285×145 (bottom) xH152mm
  • Weight: about 400g
  • Material Material: Body / 18-8 stainless steel bottom plate / 18-0 stainless resin / phenolic knob (thickness 0.5mm) Handle
  • Country of origin: Japan / Tsubame
  • IH electromagnetic cooker, gas stove 200V/100V Enkurohita-radiant heater halogen heater sheathed heater support

Boils quickly is a lovely pourer a beauty to look and the tea tastes very good. Very good price for such a beauty of a kettle. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this kettle. Its a real pleasure to use and handle makes the whole process of boiling a kettle a mindful experience.

We use this at the office, day in and day out. It’s a high quality kettle and i’ll gladly pay it again over hario (although i love hario products). It was worth the wait (approx.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • reasonably priced replacement for Hario.
  • Beauty of a kettle
  • No reason to go for Hario

Excellent kettle, makes pour over coffee a bit more controlled.

Nice kettle for v60 dripper, and the price is very reasonable.

The kettle is nicely designed. However it’s bottom changes colorado shortly after using. The tip/ mouth should be narrower for smooth pouring.

Very pleased of the quality of the materials. And everything just fits well together. Very good pourer, the goose-neck spout is well designed. No dripping or spilling on the sides. Good grip, fits well into the hand. For me, it is kind of a tie with this other kettle: hario 1 litre kettle. The price is better on this one, thoughoverall, i love it. 🙂 and i would recommend it to a friend.

I use it on top of an electric hob as well as an arger/rayburn.

This is a really handy kettle for controlled pouring of hot (or cold) liquid, especially to make v60 or similar brewed coffee. I used to use an ordinary kettle but it was messy. This is well constructed and can be used directly on a hob. Only thing missing is a temperature guage but you can buy that separately. This is definitely worth every penny and more.

Really awesome alternative to grab instead of hario. Everyday at work, i use a hario buono made of copper (that would cost you $133). And there’s really no difference in comfort or the results. This kettle does really change your pouring comfort. It’s not only good for v60, you can also use it to make high quality full-leaf teas and. To pour water into your icecube trays.

If you look for a cheaper version of the hario ones, this will perfectly do the job. The spout is perfectly designed, pouring is very easy and accurate.

Great kettle, perfect pout rate and neat design. Highly recommend if you brew coffee via a chemex or v60.

Beautiful, simple design, much cleaner than for instance the hario. Boils water quickly on my electric range. Narrow spout works great, precision pouring.

Makes pour over coffee much easier. If you need such a thing this will do fine.

Excellent product at a very good price compared to alternatives.