Excelvan 1.25L 10-Cup Automatic Programmable Coffee maker 1050W, Built-in Grind-and-Brew Includes Permanent Reusable S/S Filter- Silver and Black – Great value coffee machine.

Given the cost, this machine is fantastic. Once you manage to work out the correct measures of coffe and water for the number of cups required, it makes great coffee. Only wish it could be set to keep the coffee hot for longer, but at the price, can’t quibble.

My husband loved , it , a perfect cup of coffee ,.

The machine does what it suppose to make coffee what it doesn’t do accurately is the timer ,you set it to come on at the time you require it to and it loses six minutes in 24hrs. You have to set the time every day you want your coffee to come on in the morning. I tried to see what happens over the next four days programmed at the same time every day,the outcome was 1:38minutes slow over that time peroid. You would need to get up hour and half earlier to have your coffee. Here are the specifications for the Excelvan 1.25L 10-Cup Automatic Programmable Coffee maker 1050W, Built-in Grind-and-Brew Includes Permanent Reusable S/S Filter- Silver and Black:

  • Grind and brew coffee maker-two brewing coffee ways as you prefer: Built-in grinder with stainless steel blade, then enjoy fresh coffee straight from the bean, or brew coffee with ground coffee. Both provides full and rich flavour for you.
  • 24-hour programmable timer to set up your own coffee time: Equipped with digital automatic programmable control in 24-hour, which enables you to set what time of day your coffee brews so you don’t have to manually begin the process each time and also has an attractive digital clock LCD display with blue back light.
  • Permanent reusable stainless steel filter: Offers a permanent stainless steel filter, which is easy to remove and easy to clean allowing you to re-use over and over again. More ecofriendly than the paper filters. Removable and easy to clean.
  • With a 1.25L carafe and water tank, the machine makes up to 8-10 cups of coffee. Ideal for the home and office and serve enough coffee.
  • Anti-drip function, automatically swithes off and warm coffee: The anti-drip sensor prevents coffee dripping onto the hot plate once you pick up the carafe from the hot plate in case of mess brewing. Automatically switched off if brewing exceed 40 minutes, which ensures the safety operation. With the warm plate, enables your coffee stay warm for about 30 minutes.

The pot itself is prone to spilling.

We like our morning coffee, it helps to make us human and prevent a genocidal event in our neighbourhood. The downside is always that it takes so long for coffee to go through the machine that one of us has to get up first to make it. We have had a couple ‘timer’ machines in the past but they have either made lousy coffee, fried or leaked all over the worktop. So it was with some skepticism that i ordered this one, being the most reasonably priced and versatile of the selection. It looks a lot nicer than we expected from the photographs and, wonder of wonders, the thing comes apart for easy cleaning. It arrived quickly after ordering and we eagerly unboxed it and ran a couple tanks of water to get any residue from manufacturing out before making coffee. It does everything it says it does. It grinds the beans, it makes the coffee and it keeps it hot for 40 minutes before the unit automatically shuts down. That’s a nice touch, especially when you have two (adult) kids who seem to understand that things turn on, but are completely incapable of understanding that they also turn off. . It actually tastes like coffee, not industrial waste or boot polish, but actual coffee. I don’t think we’ve ever had a coffee machine that has managed that mysterious feat. Programming is as simply as it can get, turning this on and off is simple, grinding the beans is simple, in fact this takes all the chore out of coffee making – bar the cleaning. Unfortunately it doesn’t clean itself. But, the removable sections makes this a simple task as well – it’s as easy as just rinsing it under the tap.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product that makes actual coffee, not brown industrial waste.
  • Poor design results in wasted and weak coffee
  • easy to use and clean out

You can’t adjust the grind and the grinder (blade not burr) pushes the ground coffee round the sides before percolating so probably isn’t rinsing through all the grounds. The timer works and we’ve been able to wake up to coffee but we have to reset the clock every few days as it runs fast – it was half an hour out after 5 days. Cleaning it is a bit of a pain as you have to bang the grounds out so it can make a bit a of a mess and you still have to rinse it out. You obviously have to do this after every use. I personally will be shopping around for another model that has a burr grinder that grinds the coffee into a separate compartment that you can put a filter in for easy cleaning and has a reliable clock.

You put the beans in the top, a horizontal blade chops them up for 55s (regardless of how much you put in) leaving them stacked up against the side of the metal filter. The water drips in to the middle missing a lot of the coffee dust. It works ok but it’s basic basic basic. It works but really you would be better off with a pestle and mortar and a saucepan. There’s no options to adjust the grinding (it’s dust, dust or dust) however you can delay the start. There’s probably no such thing as a good cheap coffee maker, and this one works if you keep giving it a sharp clout after it stops grinding (to knock the coffee dust down to the bottom of the filter so the water can find it) but the question is – do you want to?.

Arrived before scheduled time, easy to use and clean out. Also looks very stylish and more expensive than it cost.

The bean grinder is a blade grinder, not the better quality burr grinder and it has a glass jug not a thermos jug.

Works really well and produces very nice coffee.

Product is fine but the grinder is integral – you cannot remove it and the filter has no bottom so you have to scrap the coffee grinds out with a spoon. Will be purchasing some disposable filters as can’t be asked to scrape the coffee out every single time. Coffee is nice and hot though, and the jug is a good size, its just the annoying internal set up which doesn’t work. The filter doesn’t filter out all the ground coffee either which is really annoying – would not recommend and would not buy again.