Eva Solo – Cafe Solo Coffee Maker : stylish coffee

This is the second one of these we have owned. Sadly the last one got dropped. This makes about 4 generous cups/mugs of coffee and keeps it warm for quite a while thanks to the neoprene cover. This also protects your hands when pouring. It works very well with standard ground coffee, none of the messing about with a plunger as in a cafetiere. The integrated pouring and filter system means there is no dripping whatsoever, and it is extremely easy to dispose of the grounds and wash everything after use. And as if the excellent function wasn’t enough, it’s a really stylish elegant shape.

Ok product but found it to be a bit style over substance. Not really any better than a normal cafeteria.

Eva Solo – Cafe Solo Coffee Maker

  • Heat resistant glass flask
  • Smart tip-up lid which opens automatically when you pour
  • Neoprene cover which keeps the coffee hot for up to half an hour
  • All parts, except the neoprene cover, are dishwasher-proof
  • The neoprene cover can be machine-washed at 3°c or just rinsed under cold running water

Although expensive, this is a lovely object and very functional- making excellent coffee, with minimal effort. Worth having a dishwasher for this as it’s hard to hand wash with good results.

I have a smaller version of this and love it, my daughter and her husband have admired it on many occasions so i have purchased this one as a house warming gift for them.

Have had this product for a while and i love it. Easy to clean, looks classy.

Eva Solo – Cafe Solo Coffee Maker : Good design and very user friendly.

I love it, but i keep dropping them, this was my second. Won’t be getting another as they cost too much, unless i get a kitchen with a carpet (unlikely).

Sleek, works well, great pour and easy to clean. All great quality materials and design. The lid mechanism is genius.

This is a true marvel of simplicity. Eva solo have brilliantly designed a quick and easy way to make really good coffee. In the time it takes to make a cup of tea you can make a full pot, or in this case a carafe, of fresh and aromatic coffee. And as a bonus for busy people it takes no time to clean. You can even put it in the dishwasher if you don’t have time for 2 minutes of hand washing. If this doesn’t convince you take a look at it. It gives style to coffee that no espresso machine can ever match. Scandinavian design at it’s best.


  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars ... my third one as I am very clumsy but love, love

    This review is from : Eva Solo – Cafe Solo Coffee Maker

    This is my third one as i am very clumsy but love ,love , love this coffee pot.
  2. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Eva Solo – Cafe Solo Coffee Maker

    This is my third one as i am very clumsy but love ,love , love this coffee pot.

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