eBoot 8 : Didn’t use them for bottles

This is a very useful set of cleaning brushes which we have used on everything from our dyson vacuum cleaner dust collector tube to computer keyboards. As they are just over 8′ long they have a reasonable reach and are fairly soft, so they are not too abrasive on softer plastics etc. We have found them easy to clean with a quick swish around in soapy water and having 20 of them means you are not going to worry too much if one does get damaged or too bent out of shape. A handy solution when you are thinking – ‘how am i going to clean that’.

Great value and perfect for cleaning thin plastic pipes etc. Used it for a milk pipe on coffee machine.

These made amazing trees for a geography experiment, very hard and different sizes.

Prompt delivery and in secure condition. The variety of sizes solves all problems.

Excellent, well worth getting and very useful for cleaning awkward places, such as straws.

eBoot 8.2 Inch Nylon Tube Brush Pipe Cleaning Brushes, Set of 20 : First rate set of brushes, ideal for small cleaning jobs. The smallest fits down the pipe of our coffee machine, which not even the company supply.

These are not bad, but not really quite long enough or strong enough for what i wanted. Ok for cleaning water bottles, tubes, etc, and certainly some very fine ones here. I would have preferred to have been able to buy just one set and i didn’t really need two sets, but whatever. I will keep them and use them as not worth returning them.

Great selection sizes just right for any job.

Really pleased with this product. I have a shower filter which is difficult to get clean am sure this will solve problem. My husband has already found a use for one on his car. I also do a lot of artwork and they will be great for this.

Speedy delivery and better than expected.

These really are handy for all those small items you can’t get a brush to.

Arrived on time and were very well packaged, so no bends etc. Have not had to use yet but a good brush is just that, you can tell by looking. They are just what i need from very thin to thin, i often use a toothpick for pushing through small holes but these brushes are so much better.

I little softer than i thought they would be but there’s a size for everything.

Very useful set of brushes that you can get into all little nooks and crannies.