Dèlonghi Delonghi Perfecta & Primadonna Range Super Automatic Coffee Maker Milk Jug : very good

Slightly different design from my last milk jug but strong and well made very happy with my purchase.

The product was great and genuine. The delivery was a bit poor with no track snd trace possibility. But reveived it after one week so it isnt bad.

Exactly as describes and works well on the de longhi coffee machine, been lost without my coffeee since mine broke so as of today i am sitting here drinking cup anfter cup of very satisfying cappuccino, thank you.

Whilst the design is a little different from the original (colours, shorter spout) the mechanics are the same as all the parts are interchangeable with the original jug. Getting a second jug for soya milk showed us the failings of our old jug. The inlet hole on the detachable milk outlet spout appeared smaller than on the new one. With use of a cocktail stick we widened the hole, removing calcified milk deposits which had built up over six months. We now descale both jugs at the same time as the machine descales. All things with these machines depend on clean clean clean. Our old milk jug now performs as well as the new one. Also, we used to have a machine with manual milk steaming. We could only rarely get the quality of frothed milk that this produces.

  • Do Not Order for Prima Donna Models
  • Great and genuine product

Delonghi Perfecta & Primadonna Range Super Automatic Coffee Maker Milk Jug

  • Milk Jug for PERFECTA
  • FITS MODELS ESAM 5600 EX 2, ESAM5500, ESAM5600 & ESAM6700
  • Milk jug for superautomatic coffee makers
  • When used with coffee makers, guarantees plenty of soft froth

When ordering this product for the prima donna models – it does not fit. I ordered two of these jugs formy prima donna and the jugs that were sent do not fit – they are too tall for the connections to meet. It doea however fit the perfecta range and nowhere on the box does it say it is for the prima donna.

The item was delivered on time and it is the manufacturers full packaging. It works great and i can now have my perfect cappuccino. My old one, after 2 years, started to froth milk very badly so i am happy now.

The original handle broke at the top where it connects to the jug itself. There is quite a bit of pressure needed to pull the jug out of the coffee maker and caused the original to break. The design of the jug has not changed so i will need to pull the jug out by wrapping my hands round it to ensure not too much pressure is put on the handle.

Great service better than delonghi.

Purchased as a separate to coffee maker,easy to use ,clean and easy to attach to machine. Stores nicely in fridge door.