Cleansui 54079 GPCMA Replacement HFM Cartridge & Media Cartridge, Five Stars

I really liked this jug as it is well designed and the filters deliver good tasting water having filtered out all the nasties. You can pour water out whilst it is filtering without cross contaminating the poured water. However you will have great problems finding replacement filters as the triple pack is no longer available with the importers stopping importing these. The filters come in two parts- one the main filter which needs changing monthly and another bit which is changed yearly. You are currently stuck buying the combined pack costing £24 which is steep as you will collect 11 unneeded bits over the year which is a waste of money and resources. Great shame as it is an excellent product. The triple pack of monthly bits aslo used to cost the same.

Does make the water very clean and palatable.

This jug looks great, and though overly complex, does the job. However, it is simply filtered water – the expensive filtration system does nothing to enhance the taste, and the ongoing cost of the replacement filters in this are rather a lot for general domestic use. The jug housing is sturdy and will doubtless survive a few knocks. As mentioned, aesthetically this is great – but i don’t often invite visitors to take a look in my fridge, so the design point for me is moot.

Key specs for Cleansui 54079 GPCMA Replacement HFM Cartridge & Media Cartridge, White:

  • To be used with Jug GP001
  • The Media cartridge needs to be replaced after one month of use based on 100 litres of water filtered
  • The Hollow Fibre Membrane cartridge needs to be replaced after 12 months of use based on 1200 litres
  • Pack contains one replacement Hollow Fibre Membrane cartridge
  • Contains one Media cartridge

Comments from buyers

“Five Stars
, Great for formula feeding a baby

After the lengthy process of preparing the jug which involves inserting the media cartridge and funnel then filling and emptying the jug three times the jug was ready to use. The water from our taps has a bitter, metallic taste but after filtering it with this jug the water is tasteless as clean drinking water should be. This is our first water filter and to be honest i found the set-up a little tedious. But even without the filter the jug itself is an elegant design made from clear blue plastic and would look good in any kitchen.

Fits nicely into our samsung fridge door and helps us to drink more water at meal times – i. We empty the jug rather then just drinking a small cup – also helps by making south london water taste more appetizing. I don’t know about the health benefits, since uk drinking water is technically safe straight out of the tap, but judging by the limescale build-up on unfiltered cups and fittings etc from out south london water, filtering it can’t be a bad idea.

Now i know this isn’t a cheap water filter jug and you can get brita versions for maybe the 15 to 20 pound mark, but this is certainly better quality, looks better and i would argue the water tastes better through it (i find brita filter to be quite gritty) this fits perfectly in the fridge and the filters last for around 6 weeks so better than a maxtra. Overall excellent quality and strongly recommended.

Then filter system works better than brita one.

I use this to make up milk formula for my six week old baby. As it removes toxins, chlorine and lead as well as bacteria, i consider it safer than boiling the water.

I’ve never really seen the point in water filters – we’ve had one for about ten years on which the cartridge has probably never been changed and has gone a bit mouldy but my dad still insists on drinking out of, but when this arrived i realised that this is what water filters are supposed to be like. It’s very smart, and fits easily into the fridge, so there is no longer the decision between warm filtered water and cold tap water. The water tastes so much better than tap water, even though i was very ready to find no difference in it. It apparently (i have no way of testing this myself) removes 99. 9% of limescale and bacteria which is pretty good, even for a water filter. I do have a few qualms with this though – it was difficult to set up, with it having two filters. I ended up setting my dad on the job and he had it finished fairly quickly, with his engineers brain. Also, due to it having two filters and to cleansui currently being an obscure make, it’s costly to replace the filters. Although one of them only needs replacing once a year, the other requires replacement once a month (like most other water filters) and as cleansui isn’t as popular as brita filters, for example, the filters are quite costly. Maybe if cleansui filters take off the cost of replacements will fall, but for now i’m not looking forward to having to buy a new filter next month.

As water filters go, this is aesthetically very pleasing. Its a clear blue plastic made to look like glass, with elegant lines, so it looks good on the dining table. Its also slim and fits easily into the fridge door. Unlike most water filters, this has two cartridges. One needs to be changed every 4 weeks, and the other only once a year. Set up wasn’t straight forward. You can’t just bung in a cartridge and go. You do need to read the instructions, but that’s no issue – is it?.There are just steps to follow with new cartridges to ensure it works properly.

It’s best filter and easy to clean.

We actually use this when we go camping – the site we visit has treated water which has a chlorinated taste (we normally have to buy bottled water). We have used this filter jug for the last couple of visits and i can state that the difference is palpable. The filter needs changing – so a reminder has been set on my phone to remind me to do so. Our tap water at home is very good (we live in scotland – with soft water) i think those who live in hard water areas would too notice a great difference.

Okay it’s not britta which i think everyone knows is the go to for filtered products like jugs and kettles. That being said, this is just as good. The water tastes lovely and clean once filtered and it fits snugly in the door of most fridges.

I’ve been a brita user for years. Cleaner and greener than bottled water, it makes absolute sense to me. However, i’ve never been tempted to try a different brand. So, how do they compared?firstly, don’t be put off by the ‘cleansui’ or ‘guzzini’ – they are part of the mitsubishi group, and so have suitably sounding japanese names. It’s not some dodgy chinese knock-off. On taking the product out of the box, i was surprised at the instruction book, which i flippantly put to one side. Once i’d unloaded all the bits, i quickly reached back for the instruction book thoughone part of the filter needs soaking for 30 mins before you can even assemble the filter unit (ample time to wash and dry the rest of it), and then you need to assemble the filter, and connect it into the jug (straightforward if you follow the instructions). Then you need to fill and filter the jug with water three times before you can actually use it. It all seems like a bit of a faff when i am so used to just dropping the cartridge in and being ready to go. Filling the jug can be a bit messy – due to the water pressure in my home (fast), there is not one occasion where i haven’t gone to fill this jug and had splash back. The filtration seems painfully slow – about twice the time of a brita maxtra filter. The capacity is also just over a pint, which is barely enough to get my kettle to the minimum line. However, the water tastes great.

This is a luxury water jug filter. Coming in three colour ways, red, green and blue. I was sent a blue for review purposes. This water filter contains a ion exchange resin and activated carbon to filter lime scale, chlorine and heavy metals such as copper and lead and lowers the hardness of tap water. Once you have set it up which is straightforward it is fine for four weeks, is superb quality and looks lovely. The filters may be a bit pricey but i am sure they will come down in cost as this takes off. The only drawback i can see is that when full it is heavy and some may struggle. Personally i love it, the water tastes fab, fits in my fridge door and looks elegant on my table, it is a definete yes from me.

Internal bit, pictured in green, was jammed into the product and would not dislodge so could not assembleit. I’m afraid the whole thing felt cheap and nasty. Yet it is priced quite high. Filters are expensive to buy and so i would just go for the much cheaper versions.

Level of service from verbatim was first rate.

I was ready to be wowed by this water filter jug designed by mitsubishi and it does look lovely, with wavy sides to the walls of the jug to give more of a glass-like effect to the jug (or perhaps less of a plastic-look at least) and the vibrant blue does make it look good on the table/in the kitchen/in the door of the fridge. Sadly the rest of the design – the actual functionality and the cost of replacement filters is just a bit disappointing. Firstly, the practicalities – well there are two filters, okay, one only has to be changed once a year, whilst the other needs changing once a month if you filter an average of 3 litres a day. Like most other people, i have been using brita jug filters for years and currently have an xl maxtra jug and a standard size maxtra jug (for the fridge in summer as the xl is too large) and you only have to change the one filter, rather than two. Secondly, in terms of the price nowadays you can get multi-packs of the maxtra filters at a very good rate, so that they aren’t so expensive per unit. This is a relatively new product to the market and no doubt if it takes off as a rival to brita, the cost of replacement filters will drop, but for now it feels quite costly to replace the cleansui filters.

This is an elegant water filter jug that fits in the fridge door and looks nice on the table. I had a bit of trouble setting it up however as the instructions are not very clear and full of warning signs against doing the wrong thing. The assembly of the filter itself is not hard. The water filters fast and is nice to drink. My concern is with water filters in general as they tend to contaminate your drinking water if the filter is not changed when it should be. This jug has a monitor which indicates when the filter needs a change, so this should not be an issue. I do not know how much the replacement cartridges cost. A good proposition, but consumables may only be available online, so check before ordering jug.

First off, the water tastes fine and much better than my tap water. However to me it is indistinguishable from the water from brita filters. I’ve used brita water filters for many years, so i was curious to find out if this was any better. My conclusion is, it costs more and it isn’t. Putting water filters together and priming the cartridge is a faff whatever kind you’re using. No difference there, really. It’s the use of it that’s irritating. There’s a baffling bit in the instructions (‘daily use’) where it tells you to filter the water into the jug. And then throw remaining water in the jug away. The stuff i’ve just filtered??.

This is a carbon filter water jug, where the filter lasts for four weeks. It was a bit fiddly to set up the first time, the cylindrical filter has to be pushed into the slot, and then the larger filter section needs to be rinsed, the plastic covers removed and then soaked, before putting into the jug. The water is then poured on top, and takes time to filter down, particularly when new. That said, once it has, the water does taste good and clean. When full, the jug is relatively heavy – so someone elderly may struggle. But it pours very well; the pouring can be a problem with some jugs, so i was relieved that this one poured so well, with good control. I like the fact that once up and running – you don’t need to change anything for four weeks. There is also a handy button on the top which you can press to remind you how long it is before the filter needs changing.

Water so fresh right out of the fridge, no more bottled water for me.

Before i got round to even using the water filter i was a bit frustrated by it. The blue part of the handle wasn’t attached and it was only after some force (making sure it was aligned at the top and pushing it at the bottom) that it finally clicked into place. This made me feel like it wasn’t that good a build quality as i’d have hoped. The jug has to be cleaned before use and there are two filters to be inserted. Both come individually wrapped – one with space to write the date on the cartridge (hfm) – this one has to be replaced after 12 months and the media cartridge which is filled with carbon and should be replaced after one month. The media cartridge is mainly for if you have hard water which i don’t so isn’t a huge issue but it will also remove lead, copper and chlorine. I find that if i do get myself a glass of tap water, it doesn’t have much of a smell to begin with but will develop one later on which isn’t nice for a drink at night. Using the filter does make a difference and being kept in the fridge means i can spent a lot less time running the tap waiting for the water to cool which can take quite a while in my house. Ice cubes can even be added to the funnel. This is a bulky jug so takes up quite a bit of space in my well stocked fridge.


  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars Broken yet again
    Bought this after great reviews online, however the first delivery had a broken handle so i had to send it back. Now the second replacement has also broken, same issue the handle just fell off. I love the design and tech behind this product but it has no durability. And there does not seem to be a way of returning this now?. So do i buy this again and hope for a third time lucky?.
    1. Style: Blue Jug Verified Purchase
      Bought this after great reviews online, however the first delivery had a broken handle so i had to send it back. Now the second replacement has also broken, same issue the handle just fell off. I love the design and tech behind this product but it has no durability. And there does not seem to be a way of returning this now?. So do i buy this again and hope for a third time lucky?.

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