:Cilio, Porcelain Coffee Filter – 4 Cup : It’s a great item but the item I received is quite different

My favourite coffee dripper. For some reason i like the way it looks more than others, and it’s clearly labelled for 4-cup filter papers.

Excellent four-cupper in porcelain at reasonable price.

This is great for quick, mess free proper coffee. It will sit on most jugs or coffee pots. It is much nicer than plastic & completely dishwasher proof.

Very well made and nicely finished, if a bit pricey. Other reviewers have said how ‘clean’ tasting the coffee is when compared with that filtered through a plastic cone, and one really can tell the difference. The only disadvantage with a porcelain cone is that you have to pre-heat it if you like your coffee nice and hot, but after a while that simply becomes an extension to the ritual. Thoroughly recommended, and far superior to the plastic variety.

  • Good product for big size filters
  • Excellent Filter.
  • It’s a great item but the item I received is quite different

:Cilio, Porcelain Coffee Filter – 4 Cup

  • Made of fire-proof hard porcelain
  • Holds standard #4 paper or mesh filter
  • Loop handle for easy placement
  • 5.5-inch diameter by 4.5-inch high
  • Dishwasher safe

Buen producto para los filtros de gran tamaño. Ahora puedo limpiarlo en el friegaplatos, con la tranquilidad de no ingerir tóxicos exudados del plástico al echarle agua hirviendo al café.

Nice, solid coffee filter holder. Filters coffee a bit slow could do with another hole at the bottom. All in all am satisfied with it,hence 4 stars.

It’s a great item but the item i received is quite different from the picture. The inside is different, the handle is different. Should provide accurate description.

This is a first-rate coffee filter; an improved design with deeper grooves so the coffee filters more freely.