Breville VKJ722 Traditional Kettle, Five Stars

I loved my previous breville kettle and it lasted for absolutely years. I replaced it with the same but updated model, which is even better. It is so stylish, everyone admires it, and the handle feels so comfortable to hold, as it is perfectly weighted. This is my favourite kettle ever.

Bought this to replace my old breville kettle and was disappointed by the quality of this one, it felt quite light and flimsy. Also it was wobbly on the base, so i sent it back and bought the cuisinart trad. Kettle which, although a bit pricier, ‘m very pleased with and it’s worth the extra.

Seems to have a bit of a leak into the black base when left over night. Since this was the reason we replaced the last one, this is a bit annoying. The leak is small (i just let it drip into the sink in the morning) and i am too lazy to send it back.

Key specs for Breville VKJ722 Traditional Kettle, 1.7 L – Stainless Steel:

  • Has a blue illuminated power switch
  • The lid has an easy grip for lift off
  • 1.7 L allows six to eight cups
  • Concealed element for easy cleaning
  • Rear water gauge makes accurate filling easy

Comments from buyers

” this to replace my old Breville kettle and was disappointed by the quality of this one
, This kettle is so stylish. Everyone admires it!
, A bit noisy but boils quickly and is easy to pour

This is such a stylish kettle, okmight be a tadbit on the loud side, but its quick on the boil. 3 years of purchasing this the red one came available, with the toaster & sandwich maker & iron & even the slow-cooker, so i packed this silver one away just incase i changed my mind. The red one was working perfectly for about 5years before starting to play up, kept popping off the boil quite often, i thought it might of been the fuse n so cos im not using the sandwich maker or the toaster thought id take from there,butthe fuses on both where 3amp not the 13amp they were supposed to of had in them which was quite dangerous of breville. I also reckon it might be the paint used to color the stainless steel that might of been the problem.Be giving the manufactors a call tomorrow to mention, esp the fuses. Im having no issues with this stainless steel one n its working like brand new. I just boiled some vinegar inside the kettle then rinsed it quite a number of times with cold water before using again. So im sooooo glad that i didnt chuck it. But def be checking them fuses.

Handle is comfortable and balances out well.

Do not use harsh descales as this kettle cannot take it. This is my second kettle of this brand and model.

Very pretty and well functioning kettle.

A bit noisy but boils quickly and is easy to pour. The lid is a bit fiddly to remove to refill, especially if the kettle has just boiled and everything is a bit hot.

Very nice kettle sturdy and simple to use. Have had breville kettles for years and they are very good and last well. This one also though had the chemical taste that seems to be very common these days. Of soda the tea still tasted funny so i followed a tip that if you boil 1litre of water with 1 teaspoon of salt and do this a couple of times and then a boil with plain water and then use the taste is gone and hey presto it is and you have a lovely cup of tea.