Brabantia BBEK1007 Pyramid Jug Kettle in Brushed Stainless Steel, tea never tasted so good – kiddingjust a kettle

Looks and feels robust and high quality.

This is a good quality brushed stainless steel kettle. It has a lovely satin finish. Plus an anti-lime scale filter inside. It is not too bulky & is on the small side of kettles. Compared to other kettles i’ve seen, it’s more space saving. On fins toons, it’s nothing special. It boils quite fast, opens up with a click to open lid on the top back (safety lock lid), dry boil protection & 360 rotation (thus can be taken off base without cable). For this price, i can get nicer kettles but nonetheless if you’re looking for something understated, stainless steel & minimal it’s a good choice.

Quick boil without the usual noise and looks nice.

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“tea never tasted so good – kiddingjust a kettle, Perfectly acceptable kettle, Looks great, nice features – excellent kettle.”

Oddly enough, the main thing i don’t like about this is the looks (i think it’s supposed to be a high end kettle, but it looks distinct economy, despite the brushed metal surface). But you can tell what it looks like from the image, so if you like its looks, than my main nitpick will be irrelevant to you. I also prefer a kettle with a larger opening at the top (my braun is the same diameter opening as the rest of the kettle, whereas this narrows at the top – and the lid doesn’t seem to come off, so it gets in the way a bit when you’re trying to fill it). But again, that is probably a matter of preference rather than a serious design flaw. Otherwise, it seems to be a good kettle: heats water quickly, passable length of flex on the base (maybe 60 cm), and no coiled heating element at the base, so much easier to descale than kettles of even five years ago.

I am from the old school – a kettle is a kettle, as long as it boils my water for a cup of tea, i don’t really mind what it looks like. This may be my opinion, but my partner is in charge of the aesthetics in the house and that means a kettle is not just a kettle, but something akin to kitchen furniture that must look nice as well as function. In terms of its kettleness the ‘brabantia bbek1007’ does a good job, it boils quickly and the spout is a very good size so that it pours well. The initial few boils did have a new kettle taste, but that eventually went, the fact that it is metal and not plastic meant this lasted a little longer than the norm. Where the ‘brabantia’ wins points over other kettles is that it does look very nice. The matte metal finish looks great and cleans easily and the double plastic sides means that you can easily tell how much is in the kettle at any time. The handle, like the rest of the kettle, is well made and suggests that it will last a long time. Together it looks great on the kitchen unit and does feel like a higher standard kettle.

I love brabantia goods and this is great.

Looks good and is easy to clean with a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Has a lovely sheen and would fit in with most kitchen colour schemes. Easy to fill, lid opens at the push of a button. Heats water quickly and, while not being the quietest while heating, is far from being distractingly noisy. It is reasonably light when empty. Wire is long enough but not too long that it gets in the way. A couple of friends who have seen and used it are seriously considering replacing their existing kettles.

Brushed stainless steel, cordless kettle in a decent design. 7 litres of liquid and is quick to boil. Plenty of cord from the base so there’s no need to keep the kettle next to a plug. The water gauge is large enough to read but only marked out in litres. I’d have expected to see individual coffee cup sizes on the gauge plus; you can only heat the kettle to one temperature. A bit of a pain if you’re fond of sophisticated teas which brew at different temperatures. I’d have expected some small extras like that from a kettle in this price range. Inner filter is removable for easy clean and hinged lid has a lock to avoid accidents. Weight wise the kettle is quite light but doesn’t rock about too much on the base when coming to the boil.

I have a clear preference for stainless steel small kitchen appliances so this kettle is perfect for me. It has a nice modern shape, i love the large handle and the water level indicator window is visible from both sides – so suits lefties as well as righties. Boils quickly and isn’t excessively loud. Being from brabantia gives reassurance that this kettle will be reliable.

A high quality finish as expected. I like the ability to flip the cover up with one button. The heating system is concealed – another of my requirements. Seems to boil quite quickly. Love the design in keeping with the brand.

Pyramid========first off, it’s called a pyramid kettle. Well, i’d say it’s a dome shape. Looks======the finish is pretty and the brushed stainless steel looks rather stylish. Well made==========looks nice and feels quite solid. Pros:=====nice swivel base, full 360feels long lastingcomfortable in the handclear measures on the gaugechic designeasy click operationhigh capacity 1. 7 litresimple to use:fast to boilquite lightweightcons:=====easily marked (best to clean it with olive oil and buff r special cleaner)no temperature control (for some teas this is useful)overall========it’s a stylish looking kettle.

Lighter than our previous kettle. Looks attractive with the brushed metal. Took 3 boilings to lose the ‘tang’ but thereafter, fine. Has marking on the view window in litres – would have been nicer if number of cups had been indicated as well. Filter is removable for cleaning – not had to do yet, obviously. Suspect, like the majority, that this will break in time.

I’ve had my brabantia kettle for nearly a year now and it has served me well. Looks sleek on my countertop as well.

It does make the water boil.

Nothing better than a simple stainless steel kettle. I feel the taste from stainless steel compared to plastic kettles is slightly more pleasant. You will need to wash, boil and discard the water a few times to get rid of the initial slightly unpleasant manufacturing process taste, this is quite normal. Well designed and built, as most brabatia products are. The shape in my opinion is less pyramid and more cylindrical. Its very practical and good looking, neither taking up too much space as can be but giving a decent 1. The spout is a good size and shape to allow easy and quick pouring without spillage. The on / off switch located at the rear bottom of the kettle incorporates a orange light to indicate operation. Its has all the features you want from a kettle: good looks, good capacity, large easily visible water gauge, cordless design for convenience.

This is my favourite kettle to date. Apart from being very pleasing to the eye with it’s brushed steel look, it’s easy for the eyes to see the clear markings on the side when filling with water. The accuracy of course depends upon the size of your cups. After a few uses you’ll better gauge how much water you’ll need for 1, 2 or more cups. Even filled, it’s very light with a slim, soft grip handle that makes it a delight to manoeuvre. When full kettles, particularly heavy when empty, can feel like you’re trying to drag concrete. Start with a light item and it’s just that little bit easier. The orange light indicator lets you know when it’s switched on & it’s quiet but quick to come to the boil. A bonus when your after a quick cuppa at the end of a long day and don’t want to wait too long. A press button on top of the handle pops the lid open & the spout pours without dribbling.

I was suprised to find this kettle is virtually identical to the unbranded kettle it replaced. The only difference being the handle shape and brabantia decals. I would have been extremely annoyed if we had paid full price for this item as clearly brabantia as simply sticking a premium price on a std product because of there brand.


  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars WARNING : possibly toxic kettle

    This review is from : Brabantia BBEK1007 Pyramid Jug Kettle in Brushed Stainless Steel, 1.7 Litre, 3 kW

    Despite thorough cleaning and washing per instructions, we’ve used the kettle for just 1 month and there is a very unpleasant, possibly harmful plastic taint to the water after boiling. We know it’s the kettle – we’ve ‘blind’ tasted this kettle water against hot water from the microwave in glass and stainless steel on hob, and the same when cooled. We’ve notified brabantia customer services, and await their response.
    1. Verified Purchase
      Despite thorough cleaning and washing per instructions, we’ve used the kettle for just 1 month and there is a very unpleasant, possibly harmful plastic taint to the water after boiling. We know it’s the kettle – we’ve ‘blind’ tasted this kettle water against hot water from the microwave in glass and stainless steel on hob, and the same when cooled. We’ve notified brabantia customer services, and await their response.

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