Bosch MKM6003 Coffee Grinder – Five Stars

Coffee grinder is fantastic.

Super efficient grinder, fast and not too noisy. Only thing i’d have liked is some kind of indication of how long to grind for different coffee machines. My last grinder used to have lights which lit up to tell you when to stop as it reached levels from course to fine.

Solid, quality product, works well but i was disappointed that it came with a 2 pin round plug, not a uk 3 pin plug. So i need to go out and buy an adapator. Grrrrghtravel adaptor plug: worldwide / european visitor to uk.

  • Grinds coffee beans very well.
  • Another Bosch is good enough
  • Good but awkward to use.

I use the coffee grinder for coffee only. It grinds coffee beans in fifteen seconds to a fine powder. It is not particularly noisy, easy to get the ground coffee out. Yes, you need a little brush to get all the coffee out, but is that really a chore ?so far i am really pleased with the grinder, considering all the negative comments about some grinders. The grinder was well packed and ,yes, it came with a three pin plug.

It is a very good, highly effective grinder – but is let down by having a non-removable power chord, which makes transferring the grounds to a storage container, or even a percolator, extremely awkward. It would have been so much better if the power chord could be unplugged at the machine (as with most electric kettles, etc). It also suffers in the uk market by supplying the chord only with a two pin plug. It is also difficult to thoroughly clean the whole unit.

Features of Bosch MKM6003 Coffee Grinder, Black

  • Stainless steel beater for high precision and fine grinding
  • Ensure the best incomparable taste
  • Excellent infusion for full bodied aroma
  • Removable filter for fast cleaning
  • Removable tank for fast filling

I purchased this 2 years ago and have used it weekly for grinnin grinding seeds, such as flax, chia, milk thistle and burdock root. It has chopped well with all of these. I also used it laterally to grind hawthorn berries. These have proved too hard for the machine and it is no longer functioning. I will try a larger motor next time. For the seeds i would recommend it no problem.

Our last one was a bosch and it lasted about 12 years, which isn’t bad since it gets used a few times every day so hopefully this will too.