BODUM Spare Nut Screw : Ooppss!

Very happy to find this item. However, i am very upset at bodum who use these plastic equivalents that fail after some time/use. I bet lots of people just buy a new jug. Perhaps a disgusting tactic of built-in-obsolescence by bodum?.Get your act together guys or your reputation will increasingly suffer.

So often when you order a spare bit for an item it never quite fits. This worked and much better made than the plastic that came with the coffee press. Many thanks for the speedy service.

Dropped my original nut screw down the plughole. This arrived – it didn’t fit but i sent it back & received full reimbursement.

Really useful as it has mended my cafetiere.

  • Meant I didn’t need to throw entire coffee jug away
  • This worked and much better made than the plastic that came with the coffee
  • Ooppss!

Bodum Spare Nut Screw for Bodum Coffee Maker,Cafetiere

  • Spare nut screw for all Bodum cafetieres
  • Genuine Bodum spare part
  • Other spare parts available

As described and it fitted our bodum coffee plunger with no problems at all. Would buy again (but hope i don’t need to).

Fit the cafetiere perfectly and stopped us from having to replace the whole thing.

Silly that bodum could not do a better job. But this little component works well.

This should have been what your bodum came with – but bodum unfortunately cheaped-out and gave you a plastic version of this -which eventually gives out (hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold/hot. I suspect that bodum are counting on people buying a whole new unit instead of figuring out that this metal ‘nut screw’ is all you need to get up and running again. I despise built-in obsolesce – and i would have expected this from some cheap knock-off – but not from my rather pricey bodum.

Arrived very quick and fits perfect.

Replaced plastic part which split and is so much better with this steel part.

This is great for my coffee maker, especially happy with arrival time, condition and price with free shipping. The old plastic nut on my coffee maker cross threaded so now i can get back to making good quality ice coffee.

Much stronger than the original plastic nut that came with my cafetiere.

Perfect replacement for the poor quality, plastic screw that came with my bodum cafetiere and broke after a year. Almost threw away the whole cafetiere but i’m so glad i didn’t. This part fits perfectly and although is quite expensive is much better quality (metal) so it should last. Worth spending the money to save what was a relatively pricey cafetiere to start with. To be honest, bodum should hang it’s head in shame for supplying the cafetiere with such a sub standard part to start with. It is sad to think how many cafetieres have been thrown away unnecessarily because the plastic screw failed.