Bialetti Moka Induction Coffee Maker : Lovely and good quality

Replaced an old espresso pot with this when we changed from gas to an induction stove. Works perfectly and quality suggests it should be good for a few years to come.

I was searching for a new one for couple of years after getting an induction hob. I have aeg hob that has trouble recognising some other induction pans that work on my friends induction hob. So i was very worried that this will need to go back. However, i works brilliantly, the coffee is done in 2 min exactly.

Looks good and makes great coffee. Nearly as good as a proper espresso machine.

Prompt delivery,excellent product.

Beautiful piece of engineering.

Bialetti Moka Induction Coffee Maker, Red, 6 Cup : Excellent percolator, works perfectly on my new induction hob, good quality and does nice strong espresso. It does quite a lot of coffee, so you can make strong cappuccinos or caffè e latte. I will be purchasing a smaller one too.

Works perfect on my neff induction hob.

Very posh designer statement, and these are induction safe as they have the stainless steel base.

I was worried this wouldn’t work on an induction hob but it’s designed for such and works perfectly on ours. Only slight drawback is that if the pot sits on the hob keeping warm while you work your way through the contents small cup by small cup the handle eventually gets quite hot, but this is not a major thing; just remember to keep a teatowel handy. Other than that it looks great (i have the red one) and makes me happy. Infatto, penso andro fare del caffe ora.

Really enjoying my cappuccinos. Easy to use and very pleased.

Husband is very pleased with this – i have to agree, the coffee tastes amazing, not bitter or burnt. A simple design that works – and not a capsule in sight.

The best coffe maker i had so far.

Fantastic product – looks awesome, this is a well designed product with safe neoprene finish handles coupled with the usual bialetti quality and drip free performance.

Extremely happy with this induction version , is so faster than the traditional aluminium version, it’s was my first experience on a friends house just few weeks ago, and i been told before : once you try bialetti coffee maker= you will be addicted. true 😉 , the best coffee everso i decided to get my own, research, watched videos of different styles, reviews and pictures. Finally bought this bialetti induction moka maker , waited impatient.3 days and my new best friend arrived, ooh. Ladies and gentleman, love at the first sight 😍😍😍i tried immediately 2 times to cure’ before start to drink the coffee , grandma adviserimpressed how fast brewed the coffee, faster then the original version. Very modern style but keep the traditional image, just different because the bottom is stainless steel and the top still aluminium, with a very helpful gum to handle whiout worries. Also robust and well made version, really beautiful coffee maker. I love big cups of coffee and this 6 cup version is enough for 1 huge cup of strong and delicious coffee. Very easy instructions, easy to use and versatile as can be used in all kinds of stoves.

Works on an induction stove and makes about 2 regular sized (uk) coffees. Use a low/medium heat setting as to not boil the water.

Looks good, makes great coffee and is still smart after many brews.

I like the coffee that i make using this coffee maker. I quite enjoy the slow routine on a weekend using it.

Kept heat to low-medium and produced super coffee mug after mug after mug. N times better than instant coffee (even douw egbert’s).

I looked long and hard for a an espresso maker after reading several reviews with people saying theirs didn’t work on their induction hob. I finally settled on this one and received it within 24 hours. The stainless steel base being the key. I washed it out to get rid of any metallic bits in its making. Followed the instruction manual, set the hob on a medium heat of between 8-10. The hob stayed on, no leaks noticed to turn the hob off. Waited about 5 minutes and hey presto a most delicious cup of coffee. Sat down with a freshly baked almond tart from the bakery and thought i was in the local cafe. I measured the water i put in the base and as a 6 cup version i put in around 450 mls.

This pot actually exceeded my already high expectations and the red colour is superb. I have used bialetti products for over 30 years and they do make both great coffee and therefore the world a better place.

Stylish and works well on an induction hob. Recommend washing before use though as mine had a slight smell probably from when it was machined.

After reading other reviews decided to buy and was not disappointed. Great for our induction hob and looks good too.