Bestron AES480 Espresso Maker : Perfect Espresso Coffee

Quick delivery pleased with product.

Works beautifully, i would give it 5 stars, but it was let down by having a 2 pin continental plug, whereas in the uk we need a 3 pin. Apart from the inconvenience an adaptor cost £9. 48, so this should be added to the cost of the unit.

Bestron AES480 Espresso Maker for 6 Cups 300 ml 480 W

  • Preparation of traditional Italian espresso/mocha in 5 minutes
  • Body made of aluminium
  • On/Off switch with indicator lamp
  • Allows you to make up to 12 cups of espresso
  • Removable filter.

This is exactly what i needed. I wanted to move from the plastic one-cup espresso coffees i was using to brewing my own at work and filling a flask. (to reduce the amount of plastic i use). The coffee pot works perfectly and looks rather lovely. I only brewed one pot of coffee to remove metallic taste, not the 4 or 5 times suggested in the instructions, and that worked fine. Not 5 stars because i wasn’t expecting to have to buy a plug adaptor. ( i live in england and got a european to u. Adaptor from wh smith for about £6. I’ve used trial and error to discover my perfect amount of coffee to use in the pot.

This makes one mug of really good americano from 2 rounded dessertspoonsful of beans, ground up not too finely. The coffee is kept hot for about 30 minutes, although i did notice it started to simmer after about 20 minutes. I bought it to replace my old bialetti electric one of the same design, which after many years had stopped heating up. The bestron one has the advantage of an on/off switch on the coffeemaker. It’s so much more convenient and quicker than the stove-top ones. When i bought it on amazon about a month ago, the page gave options of larger sizes, up to 12 cups as i recall, but these options have been removed now. It would be great to get a 12-cup one to make 2 mugs of coffee. Yes, i know i can empty it and make a second one but that means waiting while it cools down, when i want to be enjoying the first mugful.

Easy to make and use but got rid of the extra filter to get more coffee in container,dont be fooled by the amount of coffee it can make but good for 2 small mugs are obtainable,of course if you have gas stick to a non- electric expresso maker. Had gone down the perculator route as first choice,but made too much and caused short circuiting in kitchen.

Bestron AES480 Espresso Maker for 6 Cups 300 ml 480 W : Great coffee maker, i have never had one like that before so can’t compare, but i’m happy with the purchase. Makes coffee fast, easy to clean, all metal not plastic (except for the handle of course), the only thing is that it makes only one large cup of coffee at a time. Maybe i should try to make it stronger and add hot water. Oh, and i like the colour, it’s quite pretty.

Just as described arrived when said.

This coffee pot is brilliant if you are a lover of black coffee?. My husband loves it and although it’s not a huge pot, what it makes is good strong coffee.

Great item, but it came with a european plug.


  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars Love it

    This review is from : Bestron AES480 Espresso Maker for 6 Cups 300 ml 480 W

    Love it, but you need a proper “tourist plug” not one of these shaver plugs.
  2. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Bestron AES480 Espresso Maker for 6 Cups 300 ml 480 W

    Love it, but you need a proper “tourist plug” not one of these shaver plugs.

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